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Wide Open Spaces in Argentina


When was the last time you were in complete and utter silence? The last time you saw nothing but nature surrounding you with nothing man-made besides the clothes on your back? Have you ever been in such a place? This may all sound very underwhelming…but in fact in can be one of the most overwhelming […]

A new first for me in Argentina


Picture this – an 8 hour hike all by yourself, but literally all by yourself. Not another human being to be seen the entire time. All I had for company along the way was a skunk, some woodpeckers and a lot of cows! Backpacking around South America for 9 months was a dream of mine […]

Punta Tombo – Largest Penguin Colony outside Antarctica

scritch- we said

I walked down a sandy path wearing shorts and a t-shirt as I watched penguins lay in the sand seeking reprieve from the sun under the shade of scrub bushes. Travelling was dispelling the assumption penguins live only in cold climates. Lathered with gobs of sun screen, I walked along the dusty paths of Punta […]

El Chalten, Argentina; Food for the Soul


A short bus ride on from El Calafate; the road winds and bends through soft rolling hills and long ribbon lakes until the almost gothic peaks of the Fitzroy range start to become visible. El Chalten holds some of the most unclimbable peaks challanging even those who think everest is a walk in the park. […]

When Time Stood Still in Argentina


When Time Stood Still in Argentina. It has been said that while travel may empty your bank balance, it fills your life with new enriching experiences and that is priceless. I have no regrets about my time spent travelling. Salta – known as “la linda”, the beautiful. This is true of this city in North […]

Limitless Power: Waterfalls and Romance in Argentina


You are 17 years old, and it’s the first time you’ve left the country. You are standing at the base of a 200 foot tall waterfall, staring up. You feel a strong mist caressing your face and arms. You feel the power in the sound, a constant pounding, a never-ending collapse and explosion of energy. […]

Argentina: The Mighty Waters


I felt the excitement building as we winged our way through a stunning sunset from Buenos Aires to Iguazu airport. The hotel set in lush sub-tropical gardens gave us a taste of what was to come. The next day our adventure began when a vehicle from the Lodge in the Yacutinga Reserve transported us from […]

Argentina: Mi Buenos Aires Querido


My entire life growing up, hearing stories about Argentineans, I was convinced they had to be the most patriotic race of all. It must have been the constant display of light blue and white ribbons hanging from every imaginable personal object, the inevitable appearance of the Argentinean futbol jersey at any and every South American […]

Argentina: “Dale Vida al Mundo Entregando Amor”


I’m still not sure where we went. We were miles outside the city now, and the roads were shrinking into oblivion. Wherever it was, it was a far cry from the bustling city lights and neon dreams that is Buenos Aires. On that bus, watching the sunset and horizon turn to mud in the distance, […]

How to Make Friends While Traveling Solo

Me (far right) with Couchsurfing friends in Seattle

Most people who travel alone will tell you that they couldn’t imagine traveling in any other way, and they’re the kind of people that thrive on being by themselves. However, it’s a simple fact of life that people do need other people, and even the most independent of solo traveler knows that they need company […]