Learning, the hard way in Venezuela


  Learning, the hard way  “Where are you right now?” his mother asked on the phone. The connection crackled. “In Tucupita,” he responded. “Ah, Tucupita.” – as if it was New York City or London. The young man grinned. His parents were from a small town in Germany and had never traveled much.             The […]

Still Water in Brazil


I’ve heard it said that you can’t ever step in the same river twice, but I never really understood that saying until Brasilia. A city that was tailor made for the future, that would never need to grow or change, and yet somehow defied everything around it. It changed without changing, a constantly different constant, […]

At The End Of The World in Argentina


Having succumbed to the sweltering heat in Buenos Aires, I can assure you that arriving at Ushuaia “The End of the World” Argentina in 45 degree Fahrenheit weather, wearing a t-shirt, sweat pants and flip flops was not the most pleasant feeling. I scurried off the plane and paused to look around at the scenery […]

Flamingos in the Atacama Desert of Chile


I knew flamingos were pink and I knew flamingos were big – it wasn’t until viewing them in the wild at Laguna de Chaxa in Reserva Nacional “Los Flamencos”  did I realize what a large and gangly bird they are. Their necks look like a crooked drain pipe. Compared to a blue heron or a Canadian […]

Wide Open Spaces in Argentina


When was the last time you were in complete and utter silence? The last time you saw nothing but nature surrounding you with nothing man-made besides the clothes on your back? Have you ever been in such a place? This may all sound very underwhelming…but in fact in can be one of the most overwhelming […]

Surf’s Up in Peru


Surf’s up! I’ve been in utter lust with all things surfing as far back as I can remember. However, it was my choice to make ours a long-distance relationship; I worshipped board-carrying athletes from afar. How I wanted to learn! However, the barriers against me were too formidable. First off, you have to do this […]

A new first for me in Argentina


Picture this – an 8 hour hike all by yourself, but literally all by yourself. Not another human being to be seen the entire time. All I had for company along the way was a skunk, some woodpeckers and a lot of cows! Backpacking around South America for 9 months was a dream of mine […]

Everywhere I’ve Ever Been


My eyes are closed. The harsh curves of my office chair beneath me submit reluctantly to the contours it has known for the past two years. To my left, frost coats the edges of the window panes, spreading out like shaddered crystal. The low, idle hum of my computer monitor drones on without pause. The […]

Lost In the Pacific


There I was, standing among the great rock sculptures that define Easter Island. The giant Moai were in their timeless stance, staring down at me as the ocean waves crashed against the rocky coastline. Horses wandered freely, foraging for nutrients amid the volcanic rocks that dominate the landscape of this island, lost in the middle […]

Mother Earth is my Home


Mother Earth is My Home By: Anette Lillevang Kristiansen The morning mist is dank and muggy. She drags herself along a narrow mountain plateau, listening to the river roaming and hitting the stones several hundred meters below in the precipice valley. Her trekking boots are sloppy with mud, and she can hear the raindrops falling […]