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Everywhere I’ve Ever Been


My eyes are closed. The harsh curves of my office chair beneath me submit reluctantly to the contours it has known for the past two years. To my left, frost coats the edges of the window panes, spreading out like shaddered crystal. The low, idle hum of my computer monitor drones on without pause. The […]

Lost In the Pacific


There I was, standing among the great rock sculptures that define Easter Island. The giant Moai were in their timeless stance, staring down at me as the ocean waves crashed against the rocky coastline. Horses wandered freely, foraging for nutrients amid the volcanic rocks that dominate the landscape of this island, lost in the middle […]

Mother Earth is my Home


Mother Earth is My Home By: Anette Lillevang Kristiansen The morning mist is dank and muggy. She drags herself along a narrow mountain plateau, listening to the river roaming and hitting the stones several hundred meters below in the precipice valley. Her trekking boots are sloppy with mud, and she can hear the raindrops falling […]

Humberstone – Ghost Town in the Chilean Desert

Work building at Humberstone

I heard there was a ghost town in the desert. After paying a small fee to walk through a wooden swinging gate I was given free reign to walk almost anywhere I dared.  I had been a bit skeptical about allocating an extra day in Iquequi, Chile to be able to make the trip to Humberstone. […]

Punta Tombo – Largest Penguin Colony outside Antarctica

scritch- we said

I walked down a sandy path wearing shorts and a t-shirt as I watched penguins lay in the sand seeking reprieve from the sun under the shade of scrub bushes. Travelling was dispelling the assumption penguins live only in cold climates. Lathered with gobs of sun screen, I walked along the dusty paths of Punta […]

Brazil: Unplanned plans


Isn’t it funny when you do one thing for so long, change your routine completely and learn to adapt your wants and needs- just as human nature intended, ignorant of nurture but solitarily relying upon nature itself when we adapt to our surroundings and having all the power to change whatever we deem necessary. As […]

Espírito Santo, Brazil: How I almost got arrested for stealing my own bag


  I got off the bus in a small town in the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil, where I would change over to another bus on my way to Itaúnas for a famous forró festival. It was late at night, the skies were dark and the small dingy streets illuminated by artificial lights. I was 6 […]

Brazil: Heaven on earth


To Brazil! Brazil was one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited and would love to go back and time soon. From the powdery, white-sand beaches, to the gorgeous mountains, to the spectacular Christ the Redeemer statue, Brazil is truly amazing. Besides that Brazil is the is the host of the FIFA World […]

El Chalten, Argentina; Food for the Soul


A short bus ride on from El Calafate; the road winds and bends through soft rolling hills and long ribbon lakes until the almost gothic peaks of the Fitzroy range start to become visible. El Chalten holds some of the most unclimbable peaks challanging even those who think everest is a walk in the park. […]

Navigating the World’s Chessboard in Colombia

DSC07574 (680 x 1000)

At the border between Colombia and Ecuador, there lies a cemetery so beautiful that they say it invites one to die. A place where sculpted green giants and doves watch over rows of flowers like Mother Earth’s sentries. I wander between the headstones at the topiary cemetery in Tulcán. Music drifts through the air as […]