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An outsider in New Zealand’s South Island


‘Listen, girl – listen. The stars are whispering.’ An old Māori kaumātua whispered that to me himself, both of us tiny and silent underneath the spinning iridescence of the southern sky. I was in a quiet corner of New Zealand’s South Island, far removed from the hectic confusion of central London, hypnotised by the soft […]

Hawaii: Going with the Lava Flow


Going with the Lava Flow Navigating the treacheries and discovering new land at one of Earth’s fieriest national parks By Dale Patrick Myers A towering plume of sulfur-smelling smoke explodes from the crater of this desert landscape as a tepid breeze blows the sweet scent of jasmine and pushes the sinewy smoke over the devastated […]

South Dakota: Not Always What You Think


The theme, Independence: A Place that Allows You to Feel Free, struck an immediate emotional chord in me as I believe I may always seek that place. All my life I’ve been independent and rebellious and I suppose this masked as freedom for quite a while and then the last few years, I realized I’ve […]

Hawaii Travels Lead to Career Shift for TV Executive

In August 2013, I had an amazing adventure in Maui with my wife Kathy, our two kids Ben (12) and Leo (10) and my incredible in-laws.  This Hawaii adventure changed my life. I had worked as a TV and digital programming executive at networks like Playboy TV and ABC Family and produced reality shows, like American […]

Stay Green: How to Master Eco-Friendly Travel


Stay Green: How to Master Eco-Friendly Travel A vacation is a time of relaxation, exploration, and all-round merriment. However, our stress-free vacation can have a great impact on everyone and everything around us, especially the environment. However, the good news is that there are ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint without having to […]

Winter’s Women in New Zealand

lake tekapo

We gingerly made our way across the jagged rocks, in the hopes of finding a spot to watch the sun go into hiding behind snow-capped mountains. James, the Australian dude who ran the hostel for food and lodging, was walking with us. You stopped to admire a tree, smooth and dry in the dead of […]

Nothing Ever Happens in the Cook Islands

Cook Islands

Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens. It’s hard to imagine that nothing at all could be so exciting, could be so much fun.—David Byrne and Jerry Harrison We were on our honeymoon on the tiny South Seas island of Aitutaki. Cue white-sand beach, palm trees leaning toward the water; fronds rustling in the […]

Guam: “The Hub of Micronesia” Hafa Adai

Guam UnderWaterWorld cool colors

As our airplane descended toward Guam after departing Palau’s International airport in the wee hours of the morning, I reflected on how little I knew about the U.S. territory island called Guam. I knew the island of Guam, situated in eastern Micronesia, has had a strong U.S. military background; I also was aware that in […]

Australia – The Place to Go

grey kang

Ask me, “Why go to Australia?” and my response would be “How could one not want to go to Australia!?” As both a country and a continent, Australia is gigantic, encompassing an area of 7.692 million square kilometers/ 2.97 million miles squared, or five percent of the world’s land mass. What it packs into that […]

The Sweetness of Doing Nothing in Australia


Growing up on the Canadian prairies, the first time I saw the ocean was when I was 14 years old, on a family trip to Mexico. I still remember wading out into the clear, endless water, feeling the fine sand float around my feet as I sunk into it, surprised at how cold it was […]