A Special Place in Australia


  A Special Place The invitation came out of the blue and couldn’t have come at a better time.  I was twenty three  and had been caring for my mother for the last four years until she died.  I was alone and at a low ebb and when I was invited to spend a week […]

Belonging in a state of mind in Italy


The faint peaceful intro of “in the morning” by the Living End disturbs my sleep, before the guitar kicks in and I quickly kill it so as not to disturb the house, Living in a big South Tyrolean family house on the edge of Caldaro Italy is definitely a little bit of a culture shock […]

No place like home in New Zealand


Surfing the sparkling waters off the far North Coast of Australia, or getting lost amongst the colourful wares of vendor boats floating on the murky waters of the Mekong in Thailand. Perhaps it is the glorious smells of the spring time air and the march flowing Orchids of Godavari in Nepal that makes you feel like […]

The Musings of a Backpacker in Australia


The Musings of a Backpacker in Canada There are many things that I have come to realize throughout the last few months of travels. Things that under normal circumstances, surrounded by familiarity and comforts, one would likely never think about. With everything I need stuffed indecently into my 75 liter backpack – spontaneity is no […]

Mountain Freedom in Australia


The only time I feel free is when I am alone. But what does alone mean in this world? We can be on our own, yet our phone and computer lures us, tempting us with Facebook notifications, tweets, emails, and text messages. Despite most people needing solo time to recharge, we’ve become addicted to company. […]

New Zealand: Where My Inner Spirit Soared


New Zealand: Where My Inner Spirit Soared  Is your adventurous spirit bogged down from the stresses of daily life, or does your true personality emerge when you travel abroad? I’m sure most would agree that it’s easier to let loose and be yourself when you’re thousands of miles from home. These theories began to prove […]

A Treetop Escapade in Australia


When I saw this treetop retreat on airbnb.com, I knew I had to go to Sunshine Coast, Queensland. The thought of my own glass capsule perched up high in the lush Australian bush brought me to the hinterlands in spring 2013. I arrived as the sun set into a breathtaking canvas of peach and tangerine […]

Solace in the Southern Alps, New Zealand


Wilderness has long been a source of intrinsic romantic notion with all generations of man, perhaps because the word itself stems from the word “wild.” Uncultivated, uncontrolled, unrestrained wilderness beckons to many of us that seek to peel away the layers of cultivation, punctuality, and boundaries that modern life has imposed. Travelling is similarly intertwined, […]

An outsider in New Zealand’s South Island


‘Listen, girl – listen. The stars are whispering.’ An old Māori kaumātua whispered that to me himself, both of us tiny and silent underneath the spinning iridescence of the southern sky. I was in a quiet corner of New Zealand’s South Island, far removed from the hectic confusion of central London, hypnotised by the soft […]

Hawaii: Going with the Lava Flow


Going with the Lava Flow Navigating the treacheries and discovering new land at one of Earth’s fieriest national parks By Dale Patrick Myers A towering plume of sulfur-smelling smoke explodes from the crater of this desert landscape as a tepid breeze blows the sweet scent of jasmine and pushes the sinewy smoke over the devastated […]