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Guam: “The Hub of Micronesia” Hafa Adai

Guam UnderWaterWorld cool colors

As our airplane descended toward Guam after departing Palau’s International airport in the wee hours of the morning, I reflected on how little I knew about the U.S. territory island called Guam. I knew the island of Guam, situated in eastern Micronesia, has had a strong U.S. military background; I also was aware that in […]

Australia – The Place to Go

grey kang

Ask me, “Why go to Australia?” and my response would be “How could one not want to go to Australia!?” As both a country and a continent, Australia is gigantic, encompassing an area of 7.692 million square kilometers/ 2.97 million miles squared, or five percent of the world’s land mass. What it packs into that […]

The Sweetness of Doing Nothing in Australia


Growing up on the Canadian prairies, the first time I saw the ocean was when I was 14 years old, on a family trip to Mexico. I still remember wading out into the clear, endless water, feeling the fine sand float around my feet as I sunk into it, surprised at how cold it was […]

The Great Mid West, Australia


 The hot wind lashed against my face as the bike raced up the wide open highway.  I’d been in fifth gear for 30 miles now, and the radiating engine singed the hairs on my leg.  We were hoping to reach Kalbarri by nightfall, but we were already under a ripe mango sky. Anna and I […]

Embracing Serendipity in New Zealand


Our plane descends through the clouds and land becomes visible beneath the wings. Great swaths of trees and houses fall away as the plane banks and turns towards the airport. The windows tilt to the sky and the sun spikes in, causing passengers to lower their window shades. I swallow and close my eyes, my […]

Ayers Rock, Australia: The wonder of nothing


For the dung beetle – a native of this land – the race was on. Before long, the midday heat would ignite the earth so much that the tiny soles of his feet could barely tread the burnished ground below. And so speed was of the essence. He darted to and fro – a daily […]

Cradle Mountain, Australia

cradle mountain

I almost made it to the top of Cradle Mountain once. Time defeated me, and some misty rain that coated the rocks with a fine wet slick. There’s a bit of rock scrambling to make it to the very top of this cradle-shaped dolomite mountain in the Tasmanian wilderness. However, it’s not as difficult as […]

Spend my time wisely with no regret in Australia


A place that inspires me to spend my time wisely with no regret As we all know,a place can be area, building, town or country where the living is. This is not about the best value necessarily,its about a town or country that gives me the enthusiasm to stay somewhere for a period of time […]

Traveling in Sin is now a PAPERBACK!

Traveling in SIn is a paperback

From our latest news: Our memoir, Traveling in Sin, is now available in three paperback editions! It turns out most books have very few color photos as they are quite expensive! So we now have FOUR OPTIONS: Kindle e-book with color photos, a paperback with color photos, a paperback with black and white photos and […]

Overcoming fear at the Great Barrier Reef,Australia

Great Barrier Reef

“Get in the water, woman! Get in the water!” No, I am not Allie, from The Notebook, being encouraged to jump into a modest, safe pond. I am Barbara Anne, and I was being encouraged to jump into the middle of the unknown, Pacific Ocean. “What if there are sharks!” I wailed to my boyfriend, […]