Power and grace in Teotihuacan, Mexico


There is powerful, freeing beauty in this world that transcends any travel show or guidebook if we open to it and are ready. Mexico is full of that for me. Well before the violent troubles of the last decade, I first camped on beaches near Ensenada with my parents, all of us sleeping in a […]

The Potters Village in Mexico


The Potters Village The two-lane paved road rises and falls, twists and turns like a dangling rope through the rugged Chihuahua hill country. “Amazing that one of Mexico’s most famous potters lives out here,” says my friend Dick Davis. Shimmering in the stark desert light is the village of Mata Ortiz, the home of Mexico’s […]

Water Between the Ice in Mexico


So today was pretty eventful. A black, female lawyer from Yale living in Paris told me who I am. Well. Sort of. I have been in Mexico City for a week now and it’s not exactly been what I have expected. I had been eagerly awaiting the intense heat of a Mexican desert in summer. […]

Of Love and Libertad in Mexico


Of Love and Libertad A lazy cat napping on the sofa in the galeria A stray dog approaching, head down, tail swaying in an anticipated touch the rooster that knows not the hands of the clock the unexpected play of dolphins breaking the skin of the sea this is the melody of Mexican life -Wanda […]

Field Worker


Field Worker All morning, bussed South from Mexico City, I watch Volkswagens and motorcycles- some with three riders- blur by in a stream of color and faces. Blue smoke puffs from chrome tailpipes, the putter and exhaust of worn rings and neglected metal that will soon seize. If angels breath, they won’t fly here. Not […]

Tijuana: Finding Freedom Where Least Expected


An unexpected place was where I went. “Oh my, you’re going? No way!” “It’s dangerous! Many people sell drugs there, don’t go! Cancel the trip!” People found it hard to believe when I decided to spend a week at an atypical tourist place—Tijuana, Mexico. But there, I found the inner source that sets people free. […]

The Magic of Mindful Moments in Mexico

Sunset at San Pancho

It’s a land I get lost in, emerging fuzzy headed, unsure where the time has gone. One, two, six hours can pass, clicking from one screen to the next, getting sucked ever deeper into a maze of trivia, gossip and stories I can’t say no to. It’s an addiction – something I know doesn’t feel […]

Secrets of the Riviera Maya in Mexico

Xcacel iguanas

“This is the womb of the world,” he says, looking out at the sea which forms into waves so clear I can see the silver fish carried inside them. Water churns around our shins in foamy currents, threatening to destabilize our footing. “People are re-born here,” he continues, his gaze firmly on the sea. Daniel […]

Collecting Light at Canyon Tripui, Mexico


Sometimes I dream of destruction and those dreams led me here. I ended my career, left friends and family and moved to a foreign country. Months of bad luck in my new home only added to my sense of loss. One day felt like the last straw. My mountain bike broke on a trip intended […]

Las Pozas, Mexico And The Eternal Now

ko 210

“Las Pozas and the Eternal Now.” By Kathleen O’Connor My traveling companions and I take our first steps onto a mossy, grey cobblestoned pathway in the midst of an impossibly green rainforest. Flashy red, yellow and orange tropical flowers demand our attention amid the sea of green surrounding us. Straight ahead is a ring-shaped entranceway […]