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Collecting Light at Canyon Tripui, Mexico


Sometimes I dream of destruction and those dreams led me here. I ended my career, left friends and family and moved to a foreign country. Months of bad luck in my new home only added to my sense of loss. One day felt like the last straw. My mountain bike broke on a trip intended […]

Las Pozas, Mexico And The Eternal Now

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“Las Pozas and the Eternal Now.” By Kathleen O’Connor My traveling companions and I take our first steps onto a mossy, grey cobblestoned pathway in the midst of an impossibly green rainforest. Flashy red, yellow and orange tropical flowers demand our attention amid the sea of green surrounding us. Straight ahead is a ring-shaped entranceway […]

Lost and Found in Mexico


Many of us spend a great deal of time planning our vacations. Where are we going? What are we going to do?…and what happens? A schedule develops. We’ve all done it. Heck, I have gone so far as to create elaborate itineraries and laminate them – one for each traveler on our trip. What this […]

Finding Inspiration in Mexico


I wiggle my toes further into the sand, enjoying the coolness on my sun-burnt feet. Leaning back on my elbows, I butt-dance the sand into a more comfortable shape, feeling the sun caress my face in the early morning light. The beach, nearly empty of tourists, has only a few, lone souls appreciating the solitude. […]

Mexico, My Mexico

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WARNING: Mexico can become addictive. For the last thirteen years, I have traveled in and out, and up and down this intoxicating country. I have left it many times, only to return again. Nowhere else have I felt the joyful welcome of such a beautiful culture filled with love and friendship. The joy of walking […]

The Legacy of Juan Diego


I didn’t expect to see God when I got off the bus, but I definitely felt something supernatural in the air. The tour group was mostly white Americans, though a few of us were Hispanic and black. As the tour guide led us through the throng of worshipers in the plaza to the front door […]

Ambling on the Baja


Ambling is an art. Instead of rushing to experience every new sensation, ambling is the art of slowing down. The slower you go the more time, the more experiences and the fewer regrets you have. Until settling in Loreto, Baja California Sur, I never understood the value of ambling and the many ways in which […]

Loreto Bay National Marine Park

Sea Lion 2

The Sea of Cortez is so large that the conquistador, Hernán Cortez, thought it was the ocean. Sometimes it is sapphire, bluer than the sky and deep, as if penetrating the skin’s surface and merging with the sea in me. Near the shore, the Sea often exposes the rocky beaches it covers like a jade-green […]

Tzintzuntzan Cemetery, Mexico: A Night Among the Dead

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Maria and her baby brother Eugenio lost their mother in April this year. The twelve-year-old purepecha girl holds him on her arms while their grandmother places cempazuchitl flowers and lighted candles on top of their mom’s grave. Midnight is approaching and temperature is rapidly dropping below the freezing point. A cold drizzle has transformed the […]

Mexico: The Different Cancun

Enjoy this post on The Different Cancún: Another Side of Paradise from our Travel Writing Contest Judge, Richard Bangs. Share your story of where you find awe and feel gratitude! $1,000usd in cash prizes! The pearls of praise for the place called Cancún often sheen to dizzying effect. There is no refuting that this stretch […]