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Peak to Peak in Canada


The ski trail at the peak of Blackcomb Mountain is named, “Showcase,” but the only thing being showcased presently is a snowstorm. I imagine the view is spectacular on a clear day. My imagination is all I have because the visibility up here is zero. If I wasn’t an experienced skier, I would probably be […]

#RBQuests: Northern Lights Award: “Walking with the Polar Bears”

Richard Bangs Northern Lights Award

Canadian Tourism Commission announces 2013 Northern Lights Awards for Excellence in Travel Journalism.   Winner Online Writing: Leisure, Adventure, Lifestyle: Richard Bangs ”Walking with the Polar Bears: The Next Great Safari” Huffington Post “Walking with Polar Bears” receives a Northern Lights Award April 2, 2014 by Quest TV ·  The Canadian Tourism Commission has honored Richard Bangs with a 2013 Northern Light Award for the story “Walking […]

Inside My Outdoors in Canada


Each time I went on a plane, no matter how many times I already mastered my nervousness, I still had fear of airplanes, yet when I somehow found the courage to fly, I ended up loving the plane because I knew that the plane would lead me to Disney World. But, as exciting, yet nerve-racking […]

Toronto, Canada: Inspiring Place for a Poet

Last Poet Standing

Many different places I’ve been to in my travels have been inspirations in my writings. One place that continues to come back to mind is Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Through being a performing poet and touring writer poetry has granted me the ability to travel to many cities across North America and I haven’t returned to […]

Take Me Back to the Forest: Algonquin Park, Canada

Algonquin Photo Rachael Dymski

It’s the scent of the place that keeps bringing me back, that lulls and haunts my memory when I am away from it. Miles of densely packed pine trees, woven and stitched together like a thick army: a force like that can’t help but emit not ripples but waves of their earthy perfume, rich and […]

Secret Beach in British Columbia, Canada


Secret Beach My dreams spread across the sheet, each fragment captured in its own little box: Moraine Lake; the Saskatchewan River Crossing; The Athabasca Glacier; Sunwapta Falls; Maligne Canyon; Tofino; Clayoquot Sound; Ucluelet; Vancouver. I savoured each name on my tongue – some smooth as New World silk, others rough as the cedar bark cloth […]

Joy on the shores of Nova Scotia, Canada


Of all the places that I could spend my time the place that draws me the most is a lake shore in my home province of Nova Scotia, Canada. My husband and I have a small camp there. Our summer months are far too short so we are there as much as possible. Two months […]

Quebec City, Canada: Flipping the Coin of Fate


I’m sitting at a square wooden table in the Brûlerie of Quebec City’s St. Roch – my neighborhood since December 2012. My ears will NOT defrost. I once read that Canada “is a country much too cold for good sense.” It’s -28°C outside. -38°C felt. I can only agree. A soya latte is slowly warming […]

Lake Louise, Canada: Counting Stars

lake louise

This was my first big trip abroad and everything seemed to be going wrong. Exhausted after an eight hour flight (and a three hour wait at Heathrow earlier that day) by the time I arrived at Vancouver airport I was ready for the day to be over. But it wasn’t, and would not be over […]

Canada: Three Trips to Confederation

Prince Edward Island

There’s one way over the bridge and no stopping till the other side. The first time I was only nine. I watched out the window, saw the blue ocean, the shadows of the clouds, the sides of the bridge rushing by. I imagined people landing on the island at night in canoes and rowboats. The […]