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Of Love and Libertad in Mexico


Of Love and Libertad A lazy cat napping on the sofa in the galeria A stray dog approaching, head down, tail swaying in an anticipated touch the rooster that knows not the hands of the clock the unexpected play of dolphins breaking the skin of the sea this is the melody of Mexican life -Wanda […]

Walking the Planks at Halifax Canada


Walking along the Halifax waterfront, I don’t see what you see. I can’t describe to you the colours of the small boats and tall ships gently rocking against the docks, the way a sail flutters in the distance as it catches the wind, the looks on the faces of the tourists streaming by. To my […]

USA: A place to feel free.


I would consider myself a free man. And yet I was pleasantly surprised one day to see a senior member in my living group smiling and saying to me: “You do what you want, not caring what others think about you.” Being thus undoubtedly free within my limited circle of life and work I still […]

You’ll Find Me on the Lake in the USA


By the time I make it to String Lake around midday the beach is already a mess of tots, parents, visitors, and recent high school grads attempting to tan in the middle of Wyoming like they’re on a beach in Cabo. But it looks like I’ll be the first watercraft on the lake this morning. […]

Take Me Out to the Ball Game in the USA


Take Me Out to the Ball Game That’s it; I’ve had a career epiphany. I’m going to be a professional baseball player. It looks pretty easy; there seems to be minimal exertion, which is important to me in any prospective sporting venture. I think even I could run flat out for fifteen metres or so. […]

Traveling Solo in the USA


I admit, deciding to travel to New York by myself was an act of spontaneity but nevertheless, it was one of the best decisions I had ever made. Because I booked my flights far in advance, I wondered for some time if I would actually end up going by myself or whether one of my […]

Bliss in the USA


There is a place called Winter Park, Colorado that is aptly named because it is a giant playground made of snow in the winter. However, in the summer, I believe it should be renamed Bliss because that is the feeling I have whenever I am there. While we have been there in the winter, and […]

Garden of the Gods, Illinois


To me freedom is a feeling of peace. To best find that peace in life, I must wander. Sometimes that means just sneaking away to my secret spot at my favorite park after a tough day at work for a few hours to just breathe in some fresh air and enjoy the scenery. But on […]

100+ Countries in A Lifetime: Interviewed by @MappingMegan

mapping megan interview

Thank you to Mapping Megan for interviewing me for her fantastic travel site. Read the full interview “100+ Countries in a Lifetime” by clicking here. A few questions to get you intrigued: How has travel enriched your life? Travel has shaped my life. I went on a teen tour to Israel, which inspired me to study in […]

An Overdose on Natural Freedom in the USA


An Overdose on Natural Freedom The clearest way into the universe is through the forest wilderness. “ James Muir must have been the smartest human on earth”. He seems to have deeply understood what it means to be consumed by the natural forest. I was married in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Personally, I […]