San Francisco, California – House of Travelers


Though I’ve been traveling for a year and a half and thought I would never stop, Europe was my first time backpacking in multiple cities for an extended period – I was no expert. I went plenty of nights without sleeping while stuck on fifteen hour bus rides, slept on at least thirty different surfaces […]

On the Strangest Sea in the USA


Otters, half-covered in kelp and half-asleep, are floating in the briny seawater to our left. There are also brown, glistening sea lions basking on the brown, glistening rocks nearby, braying at biscuit-munching tourists and at each-other. And sea birds, squawking loudly, thrashing their wings overhead and underfoot. The ocean itself is wailing like a fiend […]

Space Race in the USA


It’s 7 o’clock and as I leave the house the dawn-lit eastern face of the Sierra Nevada mountains looms above me.  A wide path through golden browns of brittle sages leads me to my first stop, a small abandoned bungalow, and then on to a small workshop filled with barely used tools and unfinished projects—all […]

Solo in the Sierras, USA


My headlamp swings like a pendulum, hanging from a carabiner clipped to the top of my tent, casting a cone of light on the void of space next to my sleeping bag—the naked nylon of the tent floor reminding me of one thing—this time, I am alone. I had been crafting the ten day Sierra […]

Saying Goodbye in The USA


Saying Goodbye Waves rushed up the beach, displacing frail shells and frosted pieces of sea glass with each surge. I sat at the top of the sandy slope, letting the lukewarm ocean water barely wet my feet. One by one, beachgoers packed up their towels and brushed off the sand clinging to their bodies. Three […]

11 Million Impressions: #LuxeExperience

Jan 20 2015 9am 11 Million impressions keyhole

Thank you to everyone who shared, tweeted, retweeted and commented on my #LuxeExperience articles, videos and instagram photos. Thank you to Luxe Hotels for hosting me and to The We Said Go Travel Global Alliance for the team work. On January 14, 2015 9amPST, the hashtag #Luxe Experience had a rating of “zero.” This morning […]

An Inner Journey: Yearning For A Place To Call Home


I moved around a lot growing up and at times felt like an alien or an outsider in my own life. Like a chameleon, I learned to mold and blend and change my colors in order to survive and connect with the world. I attended nine different schools spread between three geographical locations before college. My […]

Delicious Dining On Rodeo Drive: #LuxeExperience

dessert Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel Beverly Hills

Delicious Dining On Rodeo Drive: #LuxeExperience Dining on Rodeo Drive was FANTASTIC! The food was amazing and the atmosphere was superb! After dinner, it is a short stroll to Spaghettini and the Dave Koz Lounge. Gerald Albright was incredible and watching him Dave Koz and Marcus Miller was outstanding. Surprises happen in Beverly Hills. Be […]

How to Thank a Whale in Tonga


The driver of the boat was leaning over us as we scrambled to secure our fins and snorkels.  I’m sure he was barking instructions and urging us forward into the water but all I heard was the rush of my blood pulsing past my ears.  Steady now.  Be calm.  Don’t splash, just ease into the […]

A Staycation on Rodeo Drive: #LuxeExperience

luxe rodeo drive hotel beverly hills lisa niver

Stay at the only hotel on Rodeo Drive: Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel is your place for a #LuxeExperience During my stay, the Christmas lights were wrapped around the palm trees and throngs of people were shopping on the most iconic shopping street in America. I loved discovering the parts of this hotel. You can have […]