Canada: Freedom in open air


I’d been living in a place of winter, of summer snows and spring shadows. Edmonton is a place where dreamers fall into reality, shave away their hearts on sleeves and hibernate in economic security and bored fantasies. At least, that’s what it was to me. Life on the road left me broke and with nothing. […]

Heroes Take Flight in the USA


Break Me Push Me I’d love to see you try We may fall But we can get back up We can be pushed alongside the edge But we can watch our steps We can endure Hell And still have a Smirk on our face We are the fallen, We are the beaten We are the […]

@RitzCarlton #LosAngeles: Turn Your Daycation into a Residence!

lisa ellen niver ritz carlton spa day

Have you ever wondering where to spend a day in Los Angeles that makes you feel so refreshed and renewed it is like a week’s holiday? Spend your Daycation at the Ritz Carlton in Los Angeles and feel revived! I toured around L.A. LIVE and Staples Center with my umbrella. I think it was 100 degrees […]

Supreme Influence: Join Niurka in Los Angeles October 11, 2014

MindPower Niurka

Are you ready for transformation? As Niurka says, “Often the very thing that challenges you is where the greatest gift resides for your evolution.” See her in person in Los Angeles for a one-day session October 11, 2014 or join her for a several day conference in Joshua Tree. Niurka recently asked a Los Angeles […]

5 Reasons to Buy Insurance When Going on a Cruise

Alaska Cruise

Booked your dream cruise and excited to go? Remember to take out travel insurance for a cruise holiday. A cruise is undeniably a great vacation option as it normally offers a relaxed itinerary with many opportunities to explore different places during the stops on the way. More often than not, the cost of a cruise […]

The Potters Village in Mexico


The Potters Village The two-lane paved road rises and falls, twists and turns like a dangling rope through the rugged Chihuahua hill country. “Amazing that one of Mexico’s most famous potters lives out here,” says my friend Dick Davis. Shimmering in the stark desert light is the village of Mata Ortiz, the home of Mexico’s […]

One if By Land, Two If By Sea in the USA


Perhaps the two camera-ready beluga whales at Mystic Aquarium sent me a telepathic message in the vein of Paul Revere: a pair of creatures, bright as lanterns, appearing before my eyes called for a sea journey. This wasn’t what a non-swimmer liked to hear but the Marylander who spent school days cleaning the Chesapeake was […]

Home on the prairie in the USA


A little home on the prairie A cottage at the top of the hill With a stone pathway down to the brook With lively grass dancing in the wind as you walk down A silhouette outline; White light Beauty with a smell of fresh dew as you near the river The dandelions and sunflowers waving […]

The Singing Sands in the United States


The Singing Sands : Saint Joseph, Michigan, United States “The space…silence…darkness….light…atoms,” the calm monotonous voice guides me in my “personal journey of self-discovery” within the four tall white walls of the smallest room at Krasl Art Center. What does every single word trigger inside of me? Love, family, children, laughter, freedom…the memories were pouring back […]

Changing to a Citizen of the World


“It was quite an adventure, one of the best in my life. Getting lost in those crumbling catacombs beneath Rome”, “We were always just famished, that was until we discovered the amazing bread stores, that’s when our waistlines were compromised”, ” my mother’s stories of her travels around Europe had me spellbound. I grew up […]