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Home Is Where The Heart Is: USA


Home is where the heart is. That’s what I’ve always been told. Get away from here there’s nothing for you. Go places see new things. But just remember one thing. Home is where the heart is. A place I would like to go. Is where the waters are pure blue. An the grass is green […]

Most Popular Post: @WhartonMagazine! #video #marketing

Wharton Most Popular Post

Thank you to Wharton Business Magazine for publishing my story: Harnessing YouTube Marketing Power It is the MOST POPULAR POST on the site right now! When Junior Mapesone commented, “That’s in front of my house in Manono,” on one of my first travel videos from Samoa, my first thought was, “Wow! Someone watched my video!” […]

Freedom by Truck in Canada


The place I feel most free may not sound free’: it’s dark, small, and I do a lot of sleeping there. No, it’s not a room under the stairs, a storage closet, or a woodshed. My place of ultimate freedom beat the lonely waves of the Pacific Ocean, the expansive sand dunes in the Gobi […]

Travel Dreams in the USA


TRAVEL DREAMS I know the fluorescent lights are making my pale skin look green. “I want to run away,” I thought as I pulled my laptop out while grasping the bar on the right side of the recliner allowing me to move effortlessly from a seated position to a supine one. Feet up, sequined pink flip-flops framing my […]

Soul Food in Santa Fe, USA


“Santa Fe is a special place,” informed one of my travel companions, as we made our way from Albuquerque to Santa Fe one late spring afternoon. As a native Texan, my new friend had been traveling to the city for years, and she had recently spent her honeymoon there, so I figured she might be […]

Introducing Float Plan One: The App That Can Save Your Life

Float Plan One logo

Introducing Float Plan One: The App That Can Save Your Life…and a special WeSaidGoTravel Reader Discount! ATTENTION ALL BOATERS, DIVERS, AND WATERSPORTS ENTHUSIASTS: It saves lives. It saves property. It is taught by every water safety expert, endorsed by every search-and-rescue agency and both the Candian and U.S. Coast Guards, and strongly recommended by every […]

The Fabled Montropolis Is Found: Jackson Hole

richard jackson

In the evolution of a place there is sometimes a waymark between free-spirited childhood and the discreet somberness of maturity. But what if the in-between actually signifies the third point of a classic Hegelian dialectical triangle? A rough and rowdy cowboy town at one point, an overly-wrought sophisticated metropolis at the other, and the third […]

Recollections of an Old Farm in the USA


I remember once, while watching Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South, how much Miss Margaret Hale loved her home, Helston. “It’s the best place on earth,” she says to Henry. I can say the same about my childhood home, where I grew up to my teenage years. It was not the sort of exquisite, well-built American […]

#LiveAndDine2014 Angeleno Magazine

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The summer day begins in Santa Monica! Thank you @angelenomagazine for #liveanddine2014 @fairmontmiramar In celebration of The Restaurant Issue, Angeleno magazine hosted its annual LIVE & DINE L.A. event, honoring the city’s most distinguished chefs and restaurateurs of 2014 who continue to shape and evolve L.A.’s culinary scene. Guests were treated to signature bites and menu samplings prepared […]

Breathing in the Brave In the USA


I walk down the path and I can breathe. Suddenly, I’ve risen above. I’ve risen above the traffic, the incessant rumble of rubber meeting pavement. I’ve risen above the strip malls filled with stuff that melts my brain into a mush of consumerism and more, more, more. I’ve risen above the clouds, and I’m at […]