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Kaleidoscopes in Austin, Texas

Austin Blog Pic

Taillights stretch long past the line of sight, blurring like the colors of a twirling kaleidoscope. Traffic is to be expected along the highways and byways of Central Austin, but this is far worse if one is not prepared. This is typical traffic plus all of the travellers converging for the latest international event, adding […]

The Gorge in Washington- Heaven on Earth


Have you ever been to a place that made you feel so much peace that you started planning your next trip back before you even returned home? Seeing Dave Matthews Band perform for 3 nights of concerts at “The Gorge” on Labor Day weekend is an excellent place to experience just that. The Gorge is […]

Passover: Finding Balance and Freedom on Tax Day

The Money Nerve by Robert Wheeler

Giving up Bread or Internet for Passover? Finding Balance and Freedom on Tax Day For the last year and a half I have been living in Asia and eating rice. As I thought about Passover approaching, I figured giving up bread for eight days would not be meaningful as I really only eat rice in […]

The Hurricane Summer in New Orleans

IMG_4601August 31, 2008

People from the southern United States have a by-the-numbers routine for topics of conversation. The first topic is always your name. The second is the weather. In no place else and at no other time is weather more important than in the South in the Summer. In New Orleans as the summer ripens, the weather […]

Learning with Naomi Wolf at Stephen S. Wise Temple

Naomi Wolf speaking at Stephen S. Wise Temple Library Lunch

I believe in books and that Benjamin Franklin was right when he said the library is the greatest American institution. I am a library evangelist and was delighted to be in Los Angeles for the “It Happens Every Spring: Annual Library Lunch” at Stephen W. Wise Temple organized by Roberta Lloyd, Library Director and the […]

Breaking the Carrie Bradshaw Mold in New York City


New York City. The city of bright lights and big dreams. A place where you can unknowingly rub elbows with local bums and foreign diplomats on your daily commute; where you can find ramen and saag paneer and hot dogs all on the same block; where you can take the subway uptown, a taxi downtown, […]

Beverly Hills is 100 Years Old! #BH100

Lisa Donald Lili-002

15,000 slices of cake! Beverly Hills is turning 100 and celebrating in style! Donald Wressel from Guittard Chocolate unveiled his plan to turn 700 pounds of chocolate and one metric ton of ingredients into a giant chocolate birthday cake. Mayor of Beverly Hills Lili Bosse invites everyone to join in the festivities, ferris wheels and […]

A Step Out of Time in New Orleans


The further south one travels in the US, the less relevant and more fluid time becomes, as though the Mason-Dixon Line were some boundary not of cartography, but relativistic physics. Reasonable standards of time are casually tossed out the window like so much warmed sweet tea; phrases like “a little while” encompass not minutes, but […]

Arizona’s Desert


Arizona is a living, breathing place. She isn’t simply desert, spanning out over miles and miles. She is an oxymoron: the marriage of practicality and mysticism over a wasteland of scorched earth, seemingly barren yet teeming with life. The passing of the day is contingent on Arizona’s temperature and the vitality that she inspires. Your […]

Missouri, Here I come!


A desire of mine has been is to step out of the city onto a piece of land and self sufficiently.  I have been making little steps towards this.  Living in a city in Canada I recieved a call from my mom that she has purchased 12 acres in Missouri.  That was the incentive I […]