The Sisters at Petra, Jordan

DSC01345-2 (968 x 1448)

When I first meet the American sisters, I wonder why they would ever move here. Everyone in this tiny Jordanian village belongs to the same Bedouin tribe. Everyone except them. My friend and I sit cross-legged in a shadowy room, our knees flirting with the edge of the crackling fire. Eight others perch around us […]

Tea for two In Jordan

Winslow - Jordan

Jordan, as framed in the neat oval of a Boeing 737 window, resembles Tatooine from the sky: a sea of rusty red sand, canyons and jagged mountains. As viewed through the windshield of a Citroën C3 sedan cruising Highway 15, the landscape is monochromatic, the sky a hazy gray. There are signs of civilization in […]

A Visit to the Land of Time in Jordan

Jerash Family Picture Israel Trip

When I was in college I always said I would travel when I found time. Textbooks have now been exchanged from Dr. Seuss. Grabbing a latte has been replaced with grabbing sippy cups for my toddlers. The time to travel became a distant memory of a young idealistic mind. My adult mind was unable to […]

Naharayim – a Paradigm of the Mideast Conflict


Our 3rd visit to Israel was shorter than our previous trips. It was a 3-day stopover that was part of a Mediterranean cruise.  With only two days at the Ashdod port, we chose to spend one night in Jerusalem and return to memorable sites around Jerusalem. We spent the second night aboard the ship as it […]

Not Wasting Time: Meet Plan Go Career Break Style

Meet Plan Go: Stop Dreaming Start Packing!

  In October 2011, George and I were the hosts for Meet Plan Go Los Angeles, part of 17 cities hosting events about Career Breaks, Mini-Retirements and Long Term Travel. We had traveled for nearly a year in 2008-9 and this month we left again for at least a year. Meet Plan Go National recently […]

Wanderlust and Volunteerism

Christine Maxfield and African Children

“Wanderlust is a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about,” as defined by Traveling is a requirement for George and I and right now we are in Hawaii. Lucky for you, Christine Maxfield offered to share about her recent year of volunteerism around the globe. I know you will be inspired by her […]