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A Dhow Day on the Sea of Oman


There is something about being on the open road that connotes freedom for me. It’s the same liberating feeling that I get when I go bike riding along the shore- that indescribable sensation of sailing through the air effortlessly, that feeling of having the weight of the world lifted off my back, that feeling of […]

Seeking Freedom to Find Freedom


In 2012, I decided to move to Israel. Initially, I went to volunteer with the Ethiopian Israeli community and along the way, I had the opportunity to travel to Greece, Budapest, Petra, Germany, and throughout the entire state of Israel. My time in Israel was challenging. I did not know the language. I did not […]

Inner Freedom In Israel


There is something about landing down for the first time in Israel that is breathtaking. Many would argue there is nothing particularly stunning or original about the Tel Aviv airport. But you can feel the weight of the history of the land engulfing you, feeding you, squeezing you when you touch down. I’ve had people […]

Hitchhiking in Israel


The names and places in this story have been changed. I’ve experienced several Aha moments, as Oprah likes to refer to them over the course of my now fifty-nine years. Some small, some large, most occurring when least expected and all to some degree having a life defining affect. One memory in particular surfaced recently […]

Breathing in and Breathing Out in Israel


Breath in, breath out. Breath in, breath out. I could breathe for hours, when I stand here. I could sit in this beautiful place, just relaxing. I could let myself to be swept away by the moment, as long as I was here. I could sit here just focusing on now. When I look out […]

The Sisters at Petra, Jordan

DSC01345-2 (968 x 1448)

When I first meet the American sisters, I wonder why they would ever move here. Everyone in this tiny Jordanian village belongs to the same Bedouin tribe. Everyone except them. My friend and I sit cross-legged in a shadowy room, our knees flirting with the edge of the crackling fire. Eight others perch around us […]

Tea for two In Jordan

Winslow - Jordan

Jordan, as framed in the neat oval of a Boeing 737 window, resembles Tatooine from the sky: a sea of rusty red sand, canyons and jagged mountains. As viewed through the windshield of a Citroën C3 sedan cruising Highway 15, the landscape is monochromatic, the sky a hazy gray. There are signs of civilization in […]

Makkah al-Mukaramah, Saudi Arabia:The Land of Love


It is a dream of every obedient servant of Allah to spend at least once in a lifetime experience in this beautiful land, Makkah. Why would we want to go to a place known for its heat and overcrowded with people? Coming from a country with the tropical rainforest climate, we would love to avoid […]

The Land of Milk and Honey in Israel


The Land of Milk and Honey In February 2011 my husband, Luke, and I boarded a flight from the USA bound for Tel Aviv. After 11 hours in the air we arrived in the Middle East. We had dreamed of making this pilgrimage for most of our lives. The thought of walking in the footsteps […]

A Visit to the Land of Time in Jordan

Jerash Family Picture Israel Trip

When I was in college I always said I would travel when I found time. Textbooks have now been exchanged from Dr. Seuss. Grabbing a latte has been replaced with grabbing sippy cups for my toddlers. The time to travel became a distant memory of a young idealistic mind. My adult mind was unable to […]