The Cave at the End of the Tunnel in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is not the first place one thinks of when asked what place represents gratitude, especially if one is a woman. I moved to Khobar, a large, industrial city in the Eastern Province of this controversial Kingdom, over a month ago to teach female students English as a Second Language in the Preparatory Department […]

My Haven in Israel


My Haven. The voice on the inspirational relaxation CD instructed me to “Find a place where I could relax and feel comfortable. Study it. Commit to memory how it looks, how it sounds, how it smells and above all how it affects my feelings.” The theory was that if I could internalise the actual sensations […]

A Sea of Serenity in Oman


           With closed-eyes and an open mind, my mind takes me back to a time where strength and hopefulness overwhelmed me. The  silk-like sand tickled my toes beneath me, the faint sounds of the waves crashing into the rocks and the birds singing beautiful melodies echoed, creating the most soothing music to my ears. I […]

A Night to Remember at Failaka Island, Kuwait


Failaka Island, an island that was once busy and full of life, was deserted in 1991 after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. It is now rumoured to be haunted with the souls of the people that died in the war and they are forever stuck there haunting the island’s visitors. I decided to go to […]

The Majestic Pond in Saudi Arabia


A remote pond sits in the midst of mint green luscious tall trees, filled with little beautiful songbirds singing the sweetest of tunes and gingerly hopping from one intertwined tree to another. The pond, pregnant with cool, crystal clear water pouring out from a young spring in the creavases on the grey, old, burdened mountain, […]

A Visit to the City of Fog: London


A gloomy sky hung above, clusters of clouds moved and rain poured ever so slightly. The murky water of the Thames accepted the droplets of rain, and a concoction of languages were floated throughout the crowded street behind me. It was an experience from a tourist’s point of view; the continuous hand waves to halt […]

The Rising Sands in Oman


A wall of sand fills the windscreen, rising higher than my neck can crane and blurring into the heat-hazed horizon on either side. I swallow the grit sticking in my throat and give a pathetic cough. I don’t want to do this. I’ve said it several times but no one seems to be listening. My […]

Wishing upon a star in Iran


‘Where will you be at the end of your trip?’ ‘If everything goes as planned, I’ll be watching the sun set over glorious Palangan.’ These were my thoughts two days before heading to Iran. I had shared them with one of my closest friends. I knew that I had a long way to go and […]

2014 Israel – Gaza Conflict: Twitter Sentiment Analysis by MasterMineDS


Digital War [Publisher’s Note: This article arrived yesterday August 5, 2014, but is being published on August 6, 2014] Today at 8AM a cease fire has been declared in operation Protective Edge. The public discussion over the operation, however, will stay with us for a long time. Public opinion is one of the key influence factors on countries and […]

Soothing Saudi Arabia


Soothing Saudi Arabia I was only nine months old when the plane touched down. Cradled in the arms of my mother, welcoming myself to arguably the most conservative country in the world. A place where women cannot leave their house without Burqas*, shops have to close five times during the day for prayer, and unrelated […]