The Watercolour Coast in the UK


The corn ears shivered against my palm and bare legs as we walked, pushing through the thick crops towards the horizon. I had seen over that ridge a hundred times, I had watched my dog’s tail twitching and disappearing amongst the corn over again and yet it never failed to fill me with joy and […]

Holiday in an English Cottage in a Quaint Village

English Cottage

England is famous for its lovely, pristine natural environs with pretty backdrops. Quaint villages surrounded by green hills and rustic coastal towns are characteristic of the English countryside. Doesn’t “English countryside lifestyle” conjure images of idyllic stone and thatch roofed cottages, rural farms, unspoiled landscape and scenic ocean views? In other words, the perfect escape […]

8 Interesting Things to Do in Manchester

Peel Tower

Manchester is a great jump-off point for a European vacation. Vacationers can fly direct from New York, Miami, Orlando and Las Vegas and then hop on to other popular tourist destinations like Turkey, Spain, Greece, the Canary Islands and other countries on Thomas Cook flights. But before you move on to the other spots, first […]

UK: Can we rewind and freeze?


UK:  Can we rewind and freeze? Have you ever had a moment when you thought to yourself: this is absolutely perfect?  Well I have and for me that moment happened on June 1, 2014 as the sun started to set on the beach at the Seven Sisters Cliffs. Flat 29 headed to the Seven Sisters […]

Brighton, UK Captured My Heart


How have three months gone by so quickly?! How is it possible that I only have a month and a half left before I return to the States?!  When I left to come here at the end of January I expected to get homesick at least once (maybe not right away but after my Dad […]

A perfect day in the UK


Three friends in a small car, loaded to the roof with badly packed tents, folding chairs, sleeping bags, gas burners and clothes. We’d been volunteering at a music festival for six days enjoying endless music, fun and unusually hot weather for the UK in June. We were tired and happy but not yet ready to […]

Perfect Autumn City Break: London


As a budget traveler, ever since my very first independent trip, I’ve started to learn how to keep my costs down while still affording to travel. I’ve been traveling since I was in University and at that time my only source of money was the freelance work I would do (translations and ghost-writing). Shoulder season […]

Visiting the sites of London


Anyone who visits London will know why it is consistently at the top of the, “Most Visited Cities in the World” list. In 2013, it was the most visited city in the world with nearly 16 million visitors. With attractions such as their numerous museums, Buckingham Palace, and The London Eye, London has something for […]

London, UK is Constant


There’s nothing that makes you feel insignificant like sitting in the middle of a crowd and being less interesting than the pigeons. If you sit in Trafalgar Square for an hour or two you’ll see the whole world go by. Morris dancers and Elvis impersonators eye each other curiously, whilst two loud tour guides describe […]

Returning to Belfast, Ireland


Somehow, I have lost a quarter of a century between trains. Back in the 1980s, the train from Lurgan to Belfast shuddered and creaked its way to the city. The seats were blighted with cigarette holes and knife slits, the floors covered in litter, the walls plastered with graffiti. Disaffected youths smoked in the no […]