Rooftops of the North in the UK.


Sometimes it is the thought of imminent fear, not fear itself, that stops us in our tracks. To think of this possibility is one thing, to experience it is another. Two hundred and seventy five stairs didn’t seem bad , I wanted to take a chance. The guide lady had said fitness was required to climb […]

Malta: Dreaming of a Holiday?

st georges malta

Does your New Year’s Resolution include travel? I want to go to the Corinthia Hotel St Georges Bay Malta and have dinner outside. This picture is practically making me drool! I have never been to Malta and I think I just might book by March 31, 2015  and stay at this luxury hotel for 50% off! I […]

Migration to the City in the UK


After finishing college I couldn’t stay in the countryside any longer. I was living in a county full of people whose idea of culture is drinking cider and comparing tractors. I needed out.             At the time London seemed like the center of the world. Every time I had taken a day trip there I […]

Croagh Patrick, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland.


Croagh Patrick, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Knock Airport, Co. Mayo is claimed by proud locals to be the foggiest airport on earth; it is remote, built on a hill and, reassuringly, has a large statue of Jesus at the beginning of the runway. Once safely alongside, we walked across the tarmac, rain beating down, to […]

Walking the Hills of Wales, UK


It’s the same walk but every day it’s different. Yesterday the mountains were shrouded in mist and I walked in steady drizzle; today the sun is shining and the bright yellow of the beech leaves contrasts sharply with the blue of the autumn sky. It’s still damp underfoot, however, and I slip and slide as […]

Are you ready for “The Divorce Diet?”

the divorce diet

Enjoy this excerpt from Ellen Hawley’s new book: The Divorce Diet ! This is from a few pages into the first chapter of The Divorce Diet. Abigail’s making a birthday dinner for her husband and a diet dinner for herself.   I drop Rosie off at the neighbor’s and carry my groceries in. It feels odd not to have […]

The Quiet Hour in the UK


Student dorm room, Coventry- The United Kingdom. The water drips, it ticks, pauses, dribbles and ticks again. The tap is now completely shut, there is no banging against the porcelain sink. Stillness arrives, fact is it never left to begin with- it was just drowned by the little noises that spring without control; the cars […]

The Lowdown on High Tea: Eating in Britain


Let’s talk about British food. I mean, let’s really talk about British food. It’s got a terrible reputation. If you visit, what are you going to find? Breakfast: Every B & B I’ve ever stayed at offered a full English breakfast—or full Scottish or Irish or Welsh breakfast. In Cornwall, where I live, it’s still, […]

A Place Of My Dream Actualization in the UK


A PLACE OF MY DREAM ACTUALIZATION As am aiming to study at the United Kingdom, I think it will pave ways for my career development and actualization of my dreams. I love education with passion and United Kingdom is a nice place for strong academic pursuit. The United Kingdom as a developed country has all […]

The Journey around the world


The journey. Travelling. How I first got bit I’m not sure, but the bug certainly had me. The only inhabited continent I’ve not visited is South America, and I have some good excuses up my sleeve for going there in the future. Every time you travel you end up with stories, have adventures. I’ve enough […]