Traveling to Live in Spain


Traveling to Live Every time I travel to a different place in the world, rather it is a domestic or an international travel it affects me in multiple ways. I went from a very shy, quiet, and fearful girl, to a very adventurous young woman. When I come back to my hometown I try to […]

Ten Hours in Madrid


There are cities that cause an impact at first sight  they open their arms to touch you softly, bewitching you with the smell of their vegetation, of their meals cooked outdoors, and with the unmistakable sound of their music, not to mention the accents of their people: the great community who opens their doors […]

Beg For Happiness in Spain


BEG FOR HAPPINESS Some thoughts in Spain. I walked past a little old Spanish man with white fluffy hair on his head, his back a little stooped, as he was holding a little black leather money wallet open. It was so discreet, that I didn’t even realise at first that he was begging. He was […]

Dreaming in Barcelona, Spain


The constant going of time has a petrifying effect. It worries me so much I end up diving even more into the dark swallow of inaction where I imagine there are undying puddles of steaming tar that bind me to the nothingness even more. Then, the cells in my body shout out all at once, […]

A Perfect Place to Mourn in Spain


A Perfect Place to Mourn She was 8 and here. Always in between the line of life and death but with enough presence to make you forget her status. One day, she crossed the line while no one watched. New York City is not a decent consoler. Despite the pangs of pain that bombarded my […]

This thing called Art in Spain

_MG_6665 copy

If it weren’t for the seductive combination of moist grass and temporary sunlight, I’d be at the start of the line with a direct view of Diego Velasquez’s sculpted derrière. But I took the badly timed power nap, and now the line has gone from barely there to Black Friday. But if there was ever […]

Barcelona, Spain – The View From Above


My best friend and college roommate, Debebe Theodros, was well on his way back to the states. He had an exam the next day, so the minute he stepped onto the plane, I’m sure he pulled out his Anatomy textbook to read about gastroenterology. The rote memorization tasks of medical school made me sick to […]

That Time Barcelona, Spain Stole My Heart


As a musical buff, I always tend to find quotes of inspiration from the songs of great musicals. One lyric in particular from the musical ‘Rent’ has always struck a chord with me. ‘Forget regret, or life is yours to miss.’ It’s always seemed like wishful thinking to me, a nice little sentiment, a good […]

Ageless Granada, Spain


Travelers knew long before scientists that time is not a constant. There are places, everyone knows at least one, where time runs slow. Granada is such a place, and the rushed travelers who file into the city fight the pace of the city and invariably lose. I was lucky to be a student in Valencia, […]

Time Is Of The Essence in Spain


One cannot forget the ignitable burst of energy, hope and tangible unknown of your very first and independent travel bug lesion; the breakthrough of the travel virginity being sacrificed, never to be returned or becoming again but only to be relived, heightened and revived for as long as you allow yourself to. To begin; put […]