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Ageless Granada, Spain


Travelers knew long before scientists that time is not a constant. There are places, everyone knows at least one, where time runs slow. Granada is such a place, and the rushed travelers who file into the city fight the pace of the city and invariably lose. I was lucky to be a student in Valencia, […]

Time Is Of The Essence in Spain


One cannot forget the ignitable burst of energy, hope and tangible unknown of your very first and independent travel bug lesion; the breakthrough of the travel virginity being sacrificed, never to be returned or becoming again but only to be relived, heightened and revived for as long as you allow yourself to. To begin; put […]

Spain: Glorious Granada – The Albaycin and The Alhambra

Gran Cafe Bib Rambla Chocolato en tazo y churros (5)

While visiting Spain, I found myself with two extra days between my visit to Ribera del Duero in the north and Sevilla in the south.  There were so many places that I wanted to go as I hadn’t been to Spain in many many years. Looking at the map, Granada seemed like the perfect place […]

Spain: Tapas Crawling in Granada

Tapas - Taberna Tofe

Aside from all of the history and beauty of Granada, there is one more thing that makes it unique……FREE Tapas! Granada is one of the last spots in Spain in which tapas are served for free when you order a drink. Tapas come in a variety of sizes and can be hot or cold. And, […]

Spain: Discovering La Rambla Barcelona

La Rambla, Barcelona

Groups of girls tittered and huddled together whispering. Middle-aged couples strolling arm in arm glanced then looked away. The agitation and flurry of interest seemed to be growing as someone in the ambulating crowd neared our table. Munching on paella and sipping sangria I glanced up to see what all the fuss was about. Down […]

Spain: Wild Cordillera Cantabrica

Velo atop cairn

  Cordillera Cantabrica is Spain’s wild sierra after crusty Astorga township, a rampart to colder high climes where pilgrim of Santiago de Compostela reach the Beirzo border neighbouring Galicia. Here we meet the tall Cruz de Ferro (Iron Pole), always wrapped in rags, tied by young pilgrims like true primitives, arriving by foot or pedal. […]

Lanzarote, Canary Islands: Challenging Assumptions

Optimized-Casual dinners

Lanzarote – such a tiny island with such a huge impact on my life. I came there with no expectations. All I wanted was to work and learn Spanish, but… From the first moment I came there, felt different because I didn’t speak the local language. I had some basics, but expected that this will […]

Love to Travel By Boat? Sailing Through History


The invention of the boat was a technological breakthrough that brought forward a new way to explore the world. The first boats were made by the Egyptians and were used to transport goods along the Nile River. Over the centuries, boats became more and more sophisticated to the point that they could cross oceans. Great […]

Spain: Rejuvenate in Majorca

cas majorca

Located a few hundred kilometers south of Barcelona, Spain, Majorca is a longtime favorite getaway for many Spanish tourists. Travellers visiting the small Mediterranean island of Mallorca spend the majority of their time enjoying world class sailing, rock climbing on cliffs overlooking crystal blue ocean waters, swimming at secluded beaches and breaking out the binoculars […]

Amor Barcelona

Barcelona Cathedral1

My trip to Barcelona was a quick decision made while planning a month long holiday to London with my folks. I’ve been to other parts of Europe but never to Spain so Barcelona seemed an ideal breakaway to adventure out on my own and indulge my hunger for travel. I departed London on a cold […]