First Time Bed and Breakfast in Scotland


  First Time Bed and Breakfast in Scotland   Well, because we’re not a hotel – and you’ve never B & B’d, here’s some tips when you’re in Scotland that will help you to succeed. And the first thing you must understand, no matter where you roam, there’s a fundamental difference between a HOTEL AND […]

The Clouds In Scotland Never Break


Legends root deep here. It’s why, while the wind keens her Gaelic lament outside, I find myself accepting tales I might otherwise not. “And a splash of water from this ‘Well of Age”, or Tobar na  h’oige ,” Allison stumbles over the Scotch language, “will wash away the years on one’s face, healing ailments and […]

My Scottish Sojourn


As I look back at my life To measure the losses and gains Some moments were a boon,some a bane But for the time that i spent in Edinburgh I have just one thing to say… That i’d give anything in this world To stroll along those streets again.. If i were given the luxury […]

Oot and Aboot in Glasgow, Scotland


It was January and it had been raining for five days. As I walked down the street, shivering in my permanently damp coat, I considered my situation. I had moved from New York to Glasgow, Scotland without a job lined up or a place to live. My boyfriend and I were staying in a dirty […]

Egilsay, Scotland: Island of Solitude and Solstice


Off the mainland of Scotland is an island called Orkney, itself a mainland for the cluster of islands that migrate north into the Atlantic. A friend had told me about a solstice celebration taking place in Egilsay, one of these islands. Seven of us left the concrete mass of London and did our own migration […]

Scotland: Rest and be Thankful

In the distance the late morning mist embraced the tip of Ben Nevis like a lover. The sun tried feebly to break through the dark clouds and the rain came down in a lazy drizzle, oblivious to the fact that it was my birthday and the sun should have been given a chance. I refused […]

Scotland: The Heather and the Fern

Mt Keen

A pile of travel diaries sits on my desk. Most are mine, two are not. My grandfather’s 1937 and my mother’s 1951 diaries augment my stack. All New Zealanders of Scottish descent, it is 150 years since our ancestors emigrated but we have all felt the pull to Scotland. The cat jumps on my desk […]

Scotland: New Year on Conic Hill

conic hill 4

New Year on Conic Hill New Year’s Eve in a Scottish new town, and it was strangely subdued – the lull before the storm of celebrations. Then as midnight approached, tall, dark-stroke-red and (allegedly) handsome men (for these are the necessary credentials of the first-footer) crept out onto the streets armed with whiskey, a tumbler, […]

Tinkerbelle – a fairy tale cottage in Scotland


I was supposed to be in New York, but instead I found myself in northeast Scotland being chased by a goose through a forest – and it was all thanks to Tinkerbelle. My husband and I had planned to be at his brother’s wedding in New York that week, but we were stuck in the […]

Edinburgh Castle—Rock Solid Symbol of Gratitude

Edinburgh castle

Edinburgh Castle—Rock Solid Symbol of Gratitude “Gratitude looks to the Past and love to the Present; fear, avarice, lust, and ambition look ahead.” ― C.S. Lewis While touring Great Britain, my group and I visited Edinburgh Castle, an iconic fortress that stood on top a giant rock dominating the Scottish skyline. I was part of […]