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Russia: “Touching the magnificent city of Moscow.”

moscow russia

How could a place in northern Euroasia fettered by cold air, so soft and warm shows its beauty through exotic building, which scratched with thousand of history, full of meaning, and have value to its own gold in every location? Oh Russia! you be the largest country that greets the world with its beauty. He […]

Treasure Hunt in the Golden Mountains of Altai


It was a fine day in May in the Altai Republic: a region of breathtaking beauty in the southwest corner of Siberia Russia. From our windows we saw swaths of dark coniferous forest; and rising majestically behind, faint blue peaks capped with snow. This is the rugged and remote land of the Altaians: a distinct […]

Our Russian Sojourn


Some time in the last decade, I had come across a calendar with beautiful pictures of churches. The one that caught my eye was a Russian church….with multi-coloured onion shaped domes -it looked straight out of ‘Arabian Nights.’Such a charming church, so different…I had never seen the like of it before. I yearned to see […]

Russia: Home away from Home.

moscow-night nlight

I am interested in this interaction between the place we are in and the development of our minds. The interplay of space and mind creates place when I think about my sense of place, it’s hard for me to pin it down. Let’s start with my hometown. I was born and raised in Agbor Delta […]

Soviet Union: Have Your Juice and Drink It Too


“Don’t deprive yourself of anything,” said dad giving me a paper ruble, now extinct currency of the Soviet Union. In St. Petersburg in the 1980’s you could buy half dozen loafs of bread, ten glasses of tomato juice or a quarter-bottle of vodka with this amber-green note. What’s the best way to make a kid […]

Suzdal, Golden city in the Golden Ring


Brilliant autumn weather in Moscow. Far too brilliant not to leave, I decide. Oh yes, it is true, the leaves on the Moscow trees are very colourful as well. But the concrete and the asphalt are simply too overwhelming to be able to really appreciate all these colours. And so I gather some stuff and […]

Trans-Siberian Express – Part 6

Beautiful Window Shutters on Siberian Village Home

Off to a Siberian Village on the Shores of Lake Baikal Kay and I enjoyed Irkutsk and its pleasant atmosphere of a university city. But after a couple of days, we were off to Bolshoe Goludnoe, a Siberian village on the shores of Lake Baikal, not far from Irkutsk. Once again, we had pre-arranged this […]

Modern Russia: Touring with Style


Russia is a country that offers as much diversity and cultural richness as any nation on Earth. Getting around has never been easier or more convenient, and the sights in a nation that spans over ten time zones cannot possibly be described in in a few paragraphs.  When the old Soviet Union divested itself of […]

Trans-Siberian Express – Part 5

Traditional Siberian Apartment Building

Differences and Similarities in Siberian Homestays with Elena and Irina If you’ve been reading the series of post I’ve contributed to, then you’ve read about the Siberian hosts that I had at my Siberian homestays – Elena in Ekaterinburg and Irina in Irkutsk. If you haven’t read my previous posts, you might want to […]

Trans-Siberian Express – Part 4

Irkutsk in Cyrillic

Irkutsk What is it about college towns all over the world that makes them so unusual? I find that college towns often seem to have an air of refinement that isn’t present in other cities and towns. Maybe it’s just the lack of industry. Anyhow, Irkutsk in Eastern Siberia definitely had that feeling. And it […]