“Brindisi,” Italy: Blood and Sacrifice Part 3


Italy: Blood and Sacrifice Part 3 (Read Part I) How many of you have asked yourself if you could go back and do it all over again it would be different, it would be better. How could you be so dumb and make those mistakes? You would have achieved your life long dream, your happiness. […]

Pompeii, Italy


I sit under a pillar of a city turning to ruin. Pompeii. How I wish I could’ve seen the people roaming around the common, the smiles and laughter. My mother trusts me enough  to sit here without causing too much trouble, being the boisterous son I am. The longer I sit here the more I […]

Italy: Blood and Sacrifice Part II

jeffrey Blancq Rome Italy

Italy: Blood and Sacrifice Part II (Read Part I) Roma Termini had changed in seven years. It was bigger. There were shops, restaurants and a newness that propped up with new millennium money. Before, Termini was dirty and dank. Prostitutes, vagrants and of course the ever present gypsies lined the outside waiting for the unsuspecting […]

Italy: Blood and Sacrifice Part I

Jeffrey Blancq Rome Italy

When people ask me how it all began it becomes a jumble. It would be like asking someone how they entered an ancient labyrinth. You know how you entered, but once inside the direction you thought you were going was only a mirror of what you thought you believed. It was a warm and pleasant […]

O sole mio, Italy


  O sole mio, Italy We were married in Naples in the sixties, practically penniless and with no plastic or other financial safeguards.  In the seven weeks of paperwork before we foreigners could get legally wed Patti au-paired with the rich Buonomo family while I stayed in the youth hostel on 200 lira a day, […]

Enjoy the Little Things in Italy


I remember the first time I boarded a plane and travelled to a different country. There is nothing quite like the thrill of going to a place you have never been to before. It was in 2009 for a week long school outing to the wonderful Réunion Island. As soon as we arrived I could […]

In Roman Waters


The sky was insane that day. I thought as I looked upwards, the dab of white clouds meshed with the remaining grey ones overhead. There was no sight of the sky,  the normal tint of blue disappeared quickly. Nothing would get me out of the water, certainly not rain. I had come too far, I […]

Thank You Saint Anthony; Italy


     “It happened again, Lu. Sally backed out of the trip just as we were to send a check.”      “What? Again?”      “I don’t know if I’ll ever get to Rome. I so wanted to be surrounded by the history of our grandparents.”      “That’s a shame.”      “Gotta go. Talk to you next […]

Walking Rome, Italy Alone


Walking Rome Alone   For me, Rome began with rain and tears. I arrived at the airport in the morning, and wanted to take public transport to my hostel to save money. A bus to Termini station, a train to the Colosseum, and a 40 minute walk left to go. It was cold and raining. […]

The Healing Powers of San Gemini, Italy


I suffer from a long term chronic illness which affects my health severely. In 2009 I was convinced to get away from my home town and start anew in North Queensland. The move initially helped but after the excitement of a new place wore off my health continued to degrade. Soon I could not concentrate […]