A Morning Wake Up Call in Italy


An Early Morning Wake Up Call “Even Jesus was not glorified in his own place but rather judged. “ -Unknown   It has always been a struggle to prove oneself from where you’re from, people tend to overlook what  known you can do because they’ve known you for so long to remember your mistakes but […]

Mom leaves the family behind to Perugia, Italy


I arrive at Perugia airport. I’ve plucked up the courage to leave my husband and grumpy mono-syllabic teenagers behind. It’s the first time I’ve been on holiday alone for 20 years and I’m not even sure how to use the gears on the hire car. Perugia, curled round a hill, has many steps. Waiters entice […]

Freedom to Practice in Rome, Italy


Although her eyes are full of tears, my mother smiles, waving me on and mouthing, Go!, as I walk away from them and into the security line. I really don’t know how to feel about a year studying abroad in Spain. Excitement, anxiety, uncertainty and a sense of disbelief all jump around in my stomach. […]

Italy: Channeling Fellini on the Island of Napoleon


Channeling Fellini on the Island of Napoleon By Dale Patrick Myers It takes me two years to get to Elba after seeing it for the first time, although I have never even set foot on the island. My quest began from 30,000 feet in the air after asking an Alitalia stewardess what island we were […]

A Cooking Class in Tuscany, Italy

The beautiful, fresh ingredients

Tuscany: Rolling hills, fine wine, fascinating history and, of course, phenomenal food. While visiting Tuscany it was only appropriate that to supplement our (impressive amount of) eating we learn to create as well. Our family enrolled in an afternoon cooking class at the Badia a Coultibuno, a beautifully preserved eleventh-century abbey-turned-vineyard, restaurant, inn and cooking school. […]

Wandering in Tuscany this Summer!

Vinci Town Photo

Wondering where to Wander this Summer? It is nearly June and I am wondering where to go this summer. My very close friends from my days as Julie McCoy, Assistant Cruise Director on the Love Boat, invited me visit them in Sardinia. I have never been and I cannot wait to go. I am trying […]

The Sicilian Mafia: A True Crime Travel Guide

Sicilian Mafia Guide cover medium

Here at We Said Go Travel, we love books! Enjoy an excerpt from  THE SICILIAN MAFIA: A TRUE CRIME TRAVEL GUIDE and be transported to Sicily! A unusual new travel guide to Sicily becomes an illustrated journey to the heart of the Mafia. In The Sicilian Mafia: A True Crime Travel Guide, San Francisco author Carl Russo takes […]

Italy: Along the Appia


Around six a.m., Sol Invictus awakens to greet Rome’s citizenry, his soft sunlight illuminating two thousand years of a parabolic empire. I too rise, my well-worn running shoes resolving into focus as I touch the window to get a sense of the morning’s chill. Outside, my journey awaits. Stones the color of old dimes – […]

A Chilled Chianti in Italy


A Chilled Chianti Above the valley, I drink in the multi-layered rolling hills, vineyards with a sampling of fall color, cypress trees edging the horizon, and a serpentine dirt road that descends toward my rustic farmhouse. Surrounded by this Tuscan beauty, I’m challenged to keep my eyes and my vehicle on the road as I […]

New Year’s Eve in Rome, Italy


Walking in Rome on a night in December, the first thing you notice is the lights. White, gold, and blue- they are strung across every street, and bathe everything in an otherworldly glow. Huge gold and silver orbs hang down on invisible strings. Outside the churches, there are life-sized nativity scenes made of wood and […]