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The Green Heart in Italy

Woman and Procession in Duomo Piazza

The Green Heart After celebrating our wedding anniversary on a ten-hour flight to Rome, my husband and I are in Spoleto, Italy. Spoleto is located in the region of Umbria, known for its verdant hills and vineyards, and aptly called, the Green Heart of Italy. As anywhere, the east blooms with light in Spoleto. But […]

Waterborne on lakes in Italy

Image 1

There are two lake taxis that ferry travellers between towns on Lake Como (Lago de Como in the region’s rich and sexy dialect). The chuff-chuff of the fast boat can be heard well before you see it, heavy blue-and-white hull lurching over Como’s rippling blue waters like a skipped stone and gangplanks folded in like […]

I Dream of Italy in Rome


The train lurched to a stop and I double checked to make sure this was where I was to get off.  The sign read Colosseo.  I stepped off the train and stopped at a bench to find my map and directions as to what exit to take.  I was still a relatively new traveller, and […]

Eating and Drinking Around Acqui Terme, Italy

I Bologna Hazelnut Gelato

A couple decades ago, when I was just out of college, I moved to Italy to work as an au pair. Unlike most travelers, I did not end up in a city like Florence or Rome but rather a small town in the region of Piedmont where no one spoke English. I knew nothing about […]

Slow Cooked in Italy

View from above in Firenze

If you thrive off the fast-paced, high-pressured lifestyle which most big cities subject you to, then don’t even think about living in Italy; a country where the trains never run on time, shop owners enjoy three-hour lunch breaks, places close without warning and every meal is slow cooked certainly isn’t for everyone. It took me […]

Relaxation In The Thermal Waters of Acqui Terme, Italy

Grand Hotel Thermes Baths

While Acqui Terme is in the heart of Piemont, Italy, surrounded by some of the most famous vineyards, Acqui Terme is also known for its hot sulpher springs.  After all, the name “Acqui Terme” means “Thermal Waters.”  The hot sulpher springs, which bubble up at 167°F, date back to the Roman town Aquae Statiellae.  You can head […]

My Little Italy


While visiting Italy twelve years ago, I learned that using my time wisely in a new place didn’t necessarily mean getting a lot accomplished each day. There was much to see and do in each city my husband and I visited, however, it was not the amount of popular sights we trekked to that made […]

Cinque Terre: A Little Bit of Everything

cinque terre

As we traveled around Italy on our honeymoon, one of the places my husband and I planned to visit was Cinque Terre, a collection of five tiny villages along Italy’s west coast. We heard about Cinque Terre from my sister who studied in Italy during college. She loved her visit there and told us we […]

Italy’s Best Kept Secret


I have always believed that I was born in the wrong era. The fast placed lifestyle; the hustle and bustle and the quantity over quality thing just never resonated with me. Although, now that I lived in Orvieto, Italy, I have come to realize that maybe I wasn’t born in the wrong era at all. […]

Capri: Presently on the Beach


I was born in the city in Vietnam and have lived in the fast-paced city life all of my life here in the United States. Although I love the diversity of cultures, exchanges in ideas, and the excitement of city life, time simply flies by so quickly that I often find myself wondering if I […]