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Greece; A Timely Muse


The significance of time is time itself. To waste time is to waste that which cannot be regained. Furthermore, to live life with regrets is to deny its brilliance at permitting much needed do-overs. -Self This I know all too well. Each new day being announced by the intrusive wail of the alarm clock, never […]

Crete, Greece – My Spiritual Home


It’s the one place on earth where I don’t like to sleep: I don’t want to miss a thing. I don’t want to waste a minute of the day, or night. It’s my spiritual home. The place where I take off my suit of armour and just be me. It’s where I breathe deeply. Where […]

Vassilitsi, Greece: The time of peace and joy

Golf from Corinth

A couple of years have passed already since we travelled to Greece to spend our best holidays ever. We, my husband, our two girls and me, had taken a flight from Vienna to Athens. We now live in Australia and Europe is way more distant now. After we had arrived in Athens we had hired […]

Greece: Awe-inspiring Resilience on the Tiny Island of Rhodes


Awe-inspiring Resilience on the Tiny Island of Rhodes Samantha Katz I have a bit of a fascination with tiny Jewish communities in unexpected places. I know it’s random, but it’s just my thing. Having grown up in the Northeast US, where I’ve always enjoyed freedom of religion and been surrounded by large Jewish communities, I’m […]

Sailing and exploring Peloponnese


  The Peloponnese is a mystical peninsula in Greece that many Greek gods and heroes used as their playground. Today, many historical sites such as temples, cities, palaces and fortresses are scattered across the landscape as far as the eye can see. Alongside the historical sites, snow capped mountains dominate the skyline along with vineyards, […]

Santorini, Greece: Spilt Paint

it's in the palm of my hand

My trip around Eastern Europe in 2011 had a visit to Santorini. This island took my breath away and this is what it inspired me to write. Santorini is built on the rim of a volcano overlooking a caldera. Even though we sort of, kind of knew what a caldera was it never hurts to […]

France: Ancient Dignity

gier aqueduct

Ancient Dignity Travelling is my passion. It’s the thrill of experiencing the blend of ancient and modern in places like Athens or Rome, or knowing that anything can happen such as having to get off the track outside a village in Thailand to make way for a water buffalo carrying two small children on her […]

Top 5 Greek islands for 2014

Greek Islands

Top 5 Greek islands for 2014 Despite the economic downturn, Greece is still one of the most popular holiday destinations for Brits. It’s easy to see why; her islands offer beautiful weather, spectacular scenery, miles of sandy coastline and an abundance of activities. However, every Greek island is a little bit different. So, if you’re […]

Athens, Greece: A Walk in Anafiotika


Finding hidden gems in the places we visit has been a hobby of mine since I started traveling independently. There is a certain magic in finding places which are not on the tourist beaten track. And the best persons to show you these places are the locals. I met my friend L. via Twitter and […]

Greece: Walk On The Wild Side


Greece: Walk On The Wild Side As you’re going up the Asterousia mountains, it occurs to you. What if the car stalls and quits, then what? You check your watch for the umpteenth time. The road sign said thirty k., you’ve been driving for over forty minutes and no sea in sight. Just as you’re […]