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Taking Delight in Paris, France’s Highlights


Taking Delight in Paris France’s Highlights I have a confession to make. Strolling down the wide Parisian boulevards on an ultimate extended weekend escape during last year’s Easter holidays, I did not eat any meal at one of the many wonderful bistros the French capital is famous for. As it behooves a true sweet tooth I could […]

The Freedom in the Language Barrier


The Freedom in the Language Barrier My name is Laura, and I went on pilgrimage to the Monastere of St. Joseph de Bessillon in Cotignac, France. It is the site where St. Joseph appeared in the 1600s. I went to ask St. Joseph, patron Saint of work, what I should do for my vocation, at 23 years […]

Ei-chel, Paris, France

Paris France

We all have our routines. We go to and from work. We drop off and pick up the kids from from school. We run errands. On weekends we try to get out for some exercise. I am no different. But I am fortunate that my routine unfolds on and around the Champ de Mars, the […]

The Beauty Of Time in France


There is an inlet in the rocky coast east of Marseille, France, where a pool is formed and a peaceful getaway offers itself to the hiker who wills to make a grueling effort. Away from the city, and yet, not so far, i go there to spend the time with no regrets. The sound of […]

Encore in Paris, France


At one of our first ex-pat events, I sat on an unwelcoming green velvet chaise, suffering through a shaky rendition of “I Love Paris.” The nails on the chalkboard were both literal and figurative as my husband and I could only use “adore” to weepingly talk about the lives we had left behind. Paris was […]

Four Thousand Miles and a Beach in France


I wake up on my first morning in Biarritz, France on a stiff double bed, my forehead sticky with sweat. In the first hazy minute between sleep and wake, I forget where I am. The eight hours I spent on a transatlantic flight bleed into my dreams. I sit upright and scan the room with […]

Marseille, France in bites


MARSEILLE, IN BITES GOÛTEZ! I have just had lunch– vin blanc and grilled sardines and carottes à la crème and saucisses pommes parmentier and oranges. One must never drink vin rouge in the Midi, on m’a dit. – Katherine Mansfield, Letters No matter the good, no matter the bad, one thing about life in France, […]

Never Rue a Meal: Finding High-Quality Street Food in France


The French, they love their food. You can see this in the quality and freshness of the ingredients they use to prepare their meals. They don’t cut corners either when it comes to their artisan street food either, but if you know where to look and where to avoid you can steer clear of disappointment. […]

Get Inspired: Seven Days & Paris Letters

Paris Letters Source Books Janice MacLeod

SEVEN DAYS LEFT to share your story in our Inspiration Travel Writing Contest! We are looking for an article about a place that inspires you to spend your time with no regrets. FIRST PRIZE is $1,000usd. Total prizes: $1,750usd. CLICK HERE for more information and to ENTER! I thought your might need some inspiration from […]

From Deadlines to Donkey Dung in France

Alyd, Evan, Emily and Layla after playing Ibble Dibble, a card game also involving a burned cork

I’m a screenwriter who is 8,000 kilometres from my West Coast Canadian home spending a pleasant afternoon picking up donkey dung in southern France. I’ve learned donkeys are very neat animals and defecate in one area only until they move on to a new site so collecting the straw-packed, flealess, and odorless droppings is easy. […]