Rhythm of Life in France


I am alone in the farmhouse. I know I am alone. The farmer left an hour ago. I saw his car disappear along the drive, past the linden trees, over the stream and round the corner into the forest. When I walk down to the kitchen the dog is fast asleep on the mat in […]

Hidden Treasure: Ambialet, France


In the heart of France’s Midi-Pyrenees lies a secret gem, a tiny town, a fairy tale. Ambialet. Here, on a September evening, the sunlight’s rays are Midas’ fingers, transforming the mountainside into a tiara that puts the Crown Jewels to shame. Leaves of emerald, topaz, and ruby adorn gilded branches; at the mountain’s summit, an eleventh-century […]

Returning to Normal in France


Windows were rolled down to breathe in the healing mountain air, as we commented to each other, as we always did, on how fresh and alive the mountain seemed. After the 10-hour drive, sitting in a line of cars waiting to go through the Mont-Blanc tunnel seemed easier this time.  The twins waited patiently for […]

Paris GOODfood+wine On World Radio Paris

by Paige Donner Paris is a world capital. It’s also one of the world’s top travel destinations. Last year France logged over 83 million foreign tourists, placing it at the #1 spot for world tourism destinations, according to France Diplomatie. Not only are those numbers staggering but equally impressive is the revenue this tourism sector […]

Gratitude, a Lingua Franca, France


Gratitude opens the world—it is the lingua franca of our species. Even if we grasp no other words in a foreign tongue, we will always strive to master please, thank you and where is the bathroom? the last of which implies the very definition of gratitude in its hoped-for relief of urgency. Once removed from […]

France: Seven Letters from Paris


TWENTY YEARS, SEVEN LETTERS, AND ONE LONG-LOST LOVE OF A LIFETIME  Fall in love with Samantha Vérant’s SEVEN LETTERS FROM PARIS Preface from the book: Tonight I’m cooking from the heart, choosing self-belief over fear. Although I’ve always been a culinary adventuress, experimenting with recipes ripped from the pages ofBon Appétit and Gourmet since the […]

Wondering About Paris? 30 Travel Experts Share their Secrets

30bloggers about Paris

Thank you to Greg and Megan for including me in their article, 30 Travel Experts Reveal One Day in Paris Itinerary. I am honored to be part of this group: How These Travel Bloggers Would Spend One Day In Paris! Click here to read the article to see all 30 answers! -Lisa @ We Said Go […]

Best Urban Exploring Spots in Europe

Brussels Image

While most people might picture a thrilling vacation as one that takes place in the middle of an untamed jungle or on the side of a treacherous mountain slope, true adventurers have no problem finding undiscovered excitement in the heart of a city. Urban exploration is the adventurous traveler’s best kept secret. All over the […]

A Day in Bordeaux, France

La Brasserie Bordelaise Bordeaux

The image in my head of Bordeaux was stuffy, snooty and uptight. I would think of the cost of First Growth Bordeaux and the pretense of collectors I have met over the years. But, when I stepped foot in Bordeaux, it was not at all what I expected. Bordeaux is a vibrant, exciting city thanks […]

A Little Help from the French


As a Canadian undergraduate student, chances for traveling to Europe are hard to come by; and so I jumped at the opportunity to tackle an exchange in Ireland for the spring semester of 2014. My experience abroad gave me a new confidence in my traveling abilities and an increased sense of wanderlust that propelled my […]