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In Transit in Croatia


I’ve always loved liminal places – hotel rooms, airport terminals… The generic in-betweenness of them is non-threatening, like a closed door that excuses you from worrying, because you can’t see what’s on the other side. Those in-between places liberate you from commitment to before and after. They are a kind of purgatory, a space to […]

Dancing Away the Sequins in Turkey


In many traditional Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures women are responsible for ensuring the honour of the family. Men’s passions are uncontrollable and wild, and all women are Eve, the temptress with the apple. He cannot help but succumb so a man is never held responsible for his sexual behaviour. The guilt is attributed the […]

Perfect Autumn City Break: London


As a budget traveler, ever since my very first independent trip, I’ve started to learn how to keep my costs down while still affording to travel. I’ve been traveling since I was in University and at that time my only source of money was the freelance work I would do (translations and ghost-writing). Shoulder season […]

Visiting the sites of London


Anyone who visits London will know why it is consistently at the top of the, “Most Visited Cities in the World” list. In 2013, it was the most visited city in the world with nearly 16 million visitors. With attractions such as their numerous museums, Buckingham Palace, and The London Eye, London has something for […]

London, UK is Constant


There’s nothing that makes you feel insignificant like sitting in the middle of a crowd and being less interesting than the pigeons. If you sit in Trafalgar Square for an hour or two you’ll see the whole world go by. Morris dancers and Elvis impersonators eye each other curiously, whilst two loud tour guides describe […]

Returning to Belfast, Ireland


Somehow, I have lost a quarter of a century between trains. Back in the 1980s, the train from Lurgan to Belfast shuddered and creaked its way to the city. The seats were blighted with cigarette holes and knife slits, the floors covered in litter, the walls plastered with graffiti. Disaffected youths smoked in the no […]

On the road to Phonsavan, Laos


There is a freedom to the road rushing past the window, a joy in those inbetween places. Ragged towns cling desperately to roads between more lauded cities, throwing out a tendril of stalls to draw decadent travellers in. Hidden valleys sneak behind the other sides of mountains, where the road hurries round to the prettier, […]

Coast to Coast Sea to Sea in the UK


Opening the door at St Bees, I wondered what lay ahead, the future unknown. We were about to walk across England, from one side to the other. Coast to coast. On the shore, we dipped our toes in a slate-grey Irish Sea and collected smooth round pebbles to carry across our island. My children ran […]

There is more to explore in Norway


From South East Asia to Western Europe. The culture and weather are some of those big differences. I came from Philippines and currently here in Norway and previously I stayed 2 years in Denmark as an au pair. I struggle during winter season, as if its one of my seasonal big battles that i need […]

The Bits and Pieces Tour, Greece


Hot dust at my feet, hazy valley behind me, I trudge up the hill. Fuchsia wildflowers cling to the rocky ground, struggling to survive in arid conditions. The rest of my group has scattered over the hillside, some already walking to the nearby (air conditioned) museum. Sweat drips down my back and I drink the […]