A Morning Wake Up Call in Italy


An Early Morning Wake Up Call “Even Jesus was not glorified in his own place but rather judged. “ -Unknown   It has always been a struggle to prove oneself from where you’re from, people tend to overlook what  known you can do because they’ve known you for so long to remember your mistakes but […]

A Day in Bordeaux, France

La Brasserie Bordelaise Bordeaux

The image in my head of Bordeaux was stuffy, snooty and uptight. I would think of the cost of First Growth Bordeaux and the pretense of collectors I have met over the years. But, when I stepped foot in Bordeaux, it was not at all what I expected. Bordeaux is a vibrant, exciting city thanks […]

Thatta Girl! Lets go to Germany!


“How many pesetas?” “They don’t use pesetas anymore. Euros only.” The future lawyer rolled her eyes and placed coins in the machine. It spat out a ticket. “Oh.” I didn’t realize I’d said it out loud. I picked through the money I’d recently exchanged. How much? My friend Jessie snatched my change purse and plucked […]

A Little Help from the French


As a Canadian undergraduate student, chances for traveling to Europe are hard to come by; and so I jumped at the opportunity to tackle an exchange in Ireland for the spring semester of 2014. My experience abroad gave me a new confidence in my traveling abilities and an increased sense of wanderlust that propelled my […]

Daruvar, Croatia: From Holes to Healing


Daruvar, a small town of nearly 9,000 people in northeast Croatia is my place of freedom. It’s the only place I can ever remember that made me feel truly grateful for being alive. Growing up, I frequently traveled to Daruvar because my mother was born and raised here and her entire family continued to live […]

8 Top Things to See in the Netherlands

Amsterdam Canals

Vivid images of colorful countryside and rustic villages come to mind when the Netherlands is mentioned. It is a stark contrast to the other highly urbanized places in Europe, and is a delight to visit for those looking for a more relaxed atmosphere. Not to be missed are the following: 1. The Canals of Amsterdam […]

I Was a resident of Berlin, Germany for Six Days


“You may say, “But this is our time, we have this time.” No, only the space in this time. And also – just part of the space, that one you understand. .. You own a few hours in a foreign city. You can buy souvenirs at this time. They will belong to you. You can […]

You’re your own in India


You’re your own in India And this is how you waft into Lucerne, the weight in your backpack no match for the well-nourished knot in your heart. Hour after hour melts by in blinding stupor. You scoop out your best book but can do no better than caress it absently as the train leads you […]

France: A Place That Allows Me To Feel Free


France: A Place That Allows Me To Feel Free I’ve been living in NYC for the past 6 years of my life. I came with excitement and anticipation for what I felt life would hold for me here. Now I feel my time spent in NYC has been spent well. What I used to feel, […]

Mom leaves the family behind to Perugia, Italy


I arrive at Perugia airport. I’ve plucked up the courage to leave my husband and grumpy mono-syllabic teenagers behind. It’s the first time I’ve been on holiday alone for 20 years and I’m not even sure how to use the gears on the hire car. Perugia, curled round a hill, has many steps. Waiters entice […]