SpaghettiEis and Brandenburg in Germany


  SpaghettiEis and Brandenburg               Have you ever wanted to travel to Europe? Think of all the wonders of Europe – Paris, Madrid, Berlin. Berlin is empowering, industrial, beautiful, and cultural. You will stand in front of the Brandenburg Gate and feel all the history dawn on you. You will step foot on where […]

Pompeii, Italy


I sit under a pillar of a city turning to ruin. Pompeii. How I wish I could’ve seen the people roaming around the common, the smiles and laughter. My mother trusts me enough  to sit here without causing too much trouble, being the boisterous son I am. The longer I sit here the more I […]

An Act of Bravery in Spain


There are those who are pessimists by blood and wanderers by spirit. To be both, you must be brave, and to be neither, you must be strong-willed. I am neither and both, but I am invisible. Exclusively, I divined in the peacefulness of sitting beneath a tabletop and writing endless stories of characters that enabled […]

First Time Bed and Breakfast in Scotland


  First Time Bed and Breakfast in Scotland   Well, because we’re not a hotel – and you’ve never B & B’d, here’s some tips when you’re in Scotland that will help you to succeed. And the first thing you must understand, no matter where you roam, there’s a fundamental difference between a HOTEL AND […]

Die Alpen (The Alps) in Germany


We started the day off early, making our way downstairs to the breakfast room. The guest house in which we would be staying for the next week was quite quaint; resting in the small town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. I grabbed a hard crusted roll from the center of the table and topped it with butter and […]

A Sacred Light in Spain


  When I entered the cathedral, everything that was on my mind quickly slipped away. I forgot that my morning train had been late, and that I had to wait in line for a few hours. I forgot that my hostel’s quality was sadly only worth the ten euros I had spent on it. I […]

Splashing into 2015 in Strangford, Ireland


2015 with a splash in Strangford Sharon Charity The man beside me on the slipway is jumping from foot to foot in his blue board shorts, silver hair and goose-pimpled suntan. ‘At last, a real woman,’ he says as I look down at the green, soupy water of Strangford Lough. I’m wondering if the New […]

Life in the Deep Freeze in Sweden


Life in the Deep Freeze in Sweden My vision of hell has often been snowy and icy. It’s not a conventional vision of hell as visions of hell go, but it’s mine. The only possible thing that could make it worse, in my imagination, would be to be trapped in snow and ice, and for […]

Rooftops of the North in the UK.


Sometimes it is the thought of imminent fear, not fear itself, that stops us in our tracks. To think of this possibility is one thing, to experience it is another. Two hundred and seventy five stairs didn’t seem bad , I wanted to take a chance. The guide lady had said fitness was required to climb […]

Italy: Blood and Sacrifice Part II

jeffrey Blancq Rome Italy

Italy: Blood and Sacrifice Part II (Read Part I) Roma Termini had changed in seven years. It was bigger. There were shops, restaurants and a newness that propped up with new millennium money. Before, Termini was dirty and dank. Prostitutes, vagrants and of course the ever present gypsies lined the outside waiting for the unsuspecting […]