Walking Rome, Italy Alone


Walking Rome Alone   For me, Rome began with rain and tears. I arrived at the airport in the morning, and wanted to take public transport to my hostel to save money. A bus to Termini station, a train to the Colosseum, and a 40 minute walk left to go. It was cold and raining. […]

The Long Road Towards the Inevitable in Turkey


The Long Road Towards the Inevitable Tomorrow you’ll wake up realising that all your hopes and promises of happiness are not there. The comfort of a house, a pair of loving arms and the job are gone. As well as the emotional balance and self-esteem. Everything vanished a month ago when your now ex-husband shut […]

Hidden Treasure: Ambialet, France


In the heart of France’s Midi-Pyrenees lies a secret gem, a tiny town, a fairy tale. Ambialet. Here, on a September evening, the sunlight’s rays are Midas’ fingers, transforming the mountainside into a tiara that puts the Crown Jewels to shame. Leaves of emerald, topaz, and ruby adorn gilded branches; at the mountain’s summit, an eleventh-century […]

Imagine yourself in ancient city Lviv, Ukraine


Prepare yourself for a long fly through time, across the cities and the countries, so you could go in one beautiful day, which will give you a nice Ukrainian city Lviv. Overcoming all the distance using magic intervention, you become the hero of my story. After all, that is you in this city who gives […]

Returning to Normal in France


Windows were rolled down to breathe in the healing mountain air, as we commented to each other, as we always did, on how fresh and alive the mountain seemed. After the 10-hour drive, sitting in a line of cars waiting to go through the Mont-Blanc tunnel seemed easier this time.  The twins waited patiently for […]

Where the Ure begins in the UK


  All week the sun has been as fierce as it gets in the Yorkshire Dales. It forms rising ripples in the air that act as a distorting mirror to the landscape. The lower flanks of the far hills, Wild Boar and Baugh Fell, appear to have moveable bases, as if set in jelly. Tractors […]

Time Travel in Bavaria, Germany


The countryside flashes past my window, in a haze of rain-soaked forest. Occasionally the dense woods give way to meadows full of cows and low wooden buildings. Beyond that, there are only shifting storm-clouds. I know that we should be in the Alps by now, but they aren’t visible. I zip up my wool sweater […]

Wild Magic in the UK


Wild Magic By Christina Tang-Bernas   The gray clouds pressed down in the steely sky above the Welsh coastline, damp winds wrapping around our throats and threatening imminent rain. Arthur’s Stone balanced before me, complete with a deep slit sliced into it. Per our guide’s instructions, I rubbed my hands together and pressed them to […]

Every Year, Malta


  Christmas Day. The doorbell rings and my eldest brother Chris rushes in juggling a pile of presents.  ‘Do you have any wrapping paper left?’ he whispers as I open the door.  ‘Every year!’ I smile.  ‘Every year! What’s the point of wrapping Christmas presents here when we can all see what they are before […]

March of the Living in Germany


THE MARCH OF THE LIVING We drove an hour from Cracow to Auschwitz where we had toured yesterday, but this time we were joined by 15,000 Jews from 46 countries. We lined up for the March just inside the Auschwitz gate. First in line was the delegation from Israel, which included many students and a […]