All to catch a glimpse of an Arctic sunset


 All to catch a glimpse of an Arctic sunset The last time I excitedly went into a rant about the race, 78° North and how incredible it’s going to be (whilst on crutches) a mountain guide replied “you can forget about it”. Something I was refusing to consider, never mind accept. Well that was it.I thought that choosing a […]

The Healing Powers of San Gemini, Italy


I suffer from a long term chronic illness which affects my health severely. In 2009 I was convinced to get away from my home town and start anew in North Queensland. The move initially helped but after the excitement of a new place wore off my health continued to degrade. Soon I could not concentrate […]

Holiday in an English Cottage in a Quaint Village

English Cottage

England is famous for its lovely, pristine natural environs with pretty backdrops. Quaint villages surrounded by green hills and rustic coastal towns are characteristic of the English countryside. Doesn’t “English countryside lifestyle” conjure images of idyllic stone and thatch roofed cottages, rural farms, unspoiled landscape and scenic ocean views? In other words, the perfect escape […]

Sarajevo, Bosnia


As a child who lived for make-believe, war was about good-guys fighting bad-guys and princes slaying dragons. Often, I pranced around the living room, fencing with an imaginary nemesis, only to be waved away from the idiot box. I never took much note of the sad faces with downcast eyes, as they often uttered a […]

Top Three Reasons to Visit Copenhagen


The vibrant city of Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and offers numerous interesting things to see and do. A Copenhagen city break is perfect for those who want to enjoy a charming destination that is unlike any other, especially during the autumn season. Here is a selection of what this exciting city has to […]

8 Interesting Things to Do in Manchester

Peel Tower

Manchester is a great jump-off point for a European vacation. Vacationers can fly direct from New York, Miami, Orlando and Las Vegas and then hop on to other popular tourist destinations like Turkey, Spain, Greece, the Canary Islands and other countries on Thomas Cook flights. But before you move on to the other spots, first […]

Best drives in Italy: Costa Garganica


I discovered Costa Garganica by chance. Two years ago, I had my first taste of the beautiful drive when coming from Rome to a tiny city on the Adriatic Coast. I was hooked, although my stomach wasn’t pleased with all the curves and bends in the road. In 2013 I did another part of the […]

Best Urban Exploring Spots in Europe

Brussels Image

While most people might picture a thrilling vacation as one that takes place in the middle of an untamed jungle or on the side of a treacherous mountain slope, true adventurers have no problem finding undiscovered excitement in the heart of a city. Urban exploration is the adventurous traveler’s best kept secret. All over the […]

UK: Can we rewind and freeze?


UK:  Can we rewind and freeze? Have you ever had a moment when you thought to yourself: this is absolutely perfect?  Well I have and for me that moment happened on June 1, 2014 as the sun started to set on the beach at the Seven Sisters Cliffs. Flat 29 headed to the Seven Sisters […]

Ticking off the Top 7 Historic Attractions in Brussels


Brussels is Belgium’s capital and the largest city in the country. It is a cosmopolitan city with a renowned art scene that has been vibrant for several centuries. History and culture enthusiasts cannot afford to miss sampling the charms of this city especially after snagging those hard-to-come by last minute holidays from Ireland. A notable […]