Spain: The moment I met… me


I was in a ferry from Ibiza to Formentera and I couldn’t look up at the sky. Every time I saw an airplane, I felt a big lump in my stomach. I knew the next day I had to go back to Bucharest. Back to my two-years job, back to my comfort zone. I was 24 […]

Sometimes It Takes an Ocean in Ireland


“After work tonight, I have to get me-dad some dog food,” our taxi driver says in his heavy Irish accent. “He no longer drives or carries thee bags.”  This jolly-fellowed man knows his Dublin. Sitting next to my husband Bill, I rest into the cab’s backseat, listening to the driver’s melodic words. The cab seems […]

Migration to the City in the UK


After finishing college I couldn’t stay in the countryside any longer. I was living in a county full of people whose idea of culture is drinking cider and comparing tractors. I needed out.             At the time London seemed like the center of the world. Every time I had taken a day trip there I […]

Denmark: Hamlet and I

Kronborg castle, with its boardwalk suicide ghosts that wear nostalgia as mourning dress- that was where Hamlet and I grew up. I came back to the country that had given us refuge during the war. Denmark with its warmth emanating mirages in the middle of winter, those stuffed date stands along the Strøget in Copenhagen, […]

Under Skies Without End Over Vilnius, Lithuania


  Under Skies Without End:  Hot Air Ballooning Over Vilnius, Lithuania             The fields glow in the late evening sun, bathed in Northern latitude light, buzzing with energy as small groups find their places near large baskets that look far too heavy to be lifted into the air, especially laden with a half dozen passengers […]

Croagh Patrick, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland.


Croagh Patrick, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Knock Airport, Co. Mayo is claimed by proud locals to be the foggiest airport on earth; it is remote, built on a hill and, reassuringly, has a large statue of Jesus at the beginning of the runway. Once safely alongside, we walked across the tarmac, rain beating down, to […]

Enjoy the Little Things in Italy


I remember the first time I boarded a plane and travelled to a different country. There is nothing quite like the thrill of going to a place you have never been to before. It was in 2009 for a week long school outing to the wonderful Réunion Island. As soon as we arrived I could […]

Home Is Where Your Heart Is; Mine is in Málaga, Romania


Home Is Where Your Heart Is The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page – Saint Augustine of Hippo Being the person who’s read only one page from the book of life is a role I refuse to play. Some people are naturally open-minded while others have to have […]

Bunny Men in Macedonia


Bunny Men in Macedonia Tamara Lazaroff   On a borrowed bicycle I’m cutting through a burnt-out field. In the distance I can see two old men – one short, and one tall and lean – carrying big bunches of weeds like bouquets draped in their arms. They are walking towards me as if in slow […]

In Roman Waters


The sky was insane that day. I thought as I looked upwards, the dab of white clouds meshed with the remaining grey ones overhead. There was no sight of the sky,  the normal tint of blue disappeared quickly. Nothing would get me out of the water, certainly not rain. I had come too far, I […]