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Creating the Perfect Tallinn Tour – Part One

Tallinn Tour

The center of Tallinn has a medieval feel and charm that sweeps you away to another time and world. Tallinn has a rich history that is remarkably preserved and showcased for visitors. Although Estonia was a Soviet state for many years, the people feel themselves more Nordic. This mix is evident throughout the city and […]

The Freedom in the Language Barrier


The Freedom in the Language Barrier My name is Laura, and I went on pilgrimage to the Monastere of St. Joseph de Bessillon in Cotignac, France. It is the site where St. Joseph appeared in the 1600s. I went to ask St. Joseph, patron Saint of work, what I should do for my vocation, at 23 years […]

Ten Hours in Madrid


There are cities that cause an impact at first sight  they open their arms to touch you softly, bewitching you with the smell of their vegetation, of their meals cooked outdoors, and with the unmistakable sound of their music, not to mention the accents of their people: the great community who opens their doors […]

More Cheese, Please


In the Swiss Alps, there is a village. And in this village, there is a church. And across from this church, there is a chalet. And in this chalet, there are three people with little shovels of cheese in their hands. One of them is very, very excited. That person is me. My friend Anouk […]

Holidaying in London


The first time I had gone to London was many years back. Subsequently I have gone there many times, the last being a couple of years ago. Every visit has been remarkable, thanks to our friends Sunipun and Asha Sen with whom we have been staying right from our first visit During one of our […]

Not Just a Place- the Emerald Isle


It’s not just a place, but a way of living life and perceiving the world. I dreamed of going to Ireland for as long as I could remember. Then, it seems, as if through a miracle, I was there, breathing in the sweet, chilled air, and gazing at the land full of colors you’d only […]



Orison 777 meters above sea level is the chapel of Queen Catherine, built before 500 years. Queen Catherine is beatified the patroness of children and homeland. Her husband was killed. Her children are kidnapped, and her kingdom was taken from her. She died in Rome; she is the only person buried upright in the wall […]

Romania: Freedom after a Long Week


A hike in the woods – freedom after a long week We all know we should walk at least 10,000 steps a day but how many times have we stopped to consider how many benefits a walk in the woods can bring us? Just 45 min walk from my home in Romania, there’s Ceala Forest, […]

Croatia, Greece and Montenegro: Eastern Mediterranean Dreams

Dubrovnik Summer

Eastward Bound — Cruising the Mediterranean Over 20 million people now take cruise holidays each year. One popular destination is the Eastern Mediterranean and there are number of reasons why this vacation option has risen in popularity. Obviously, cruises are an excellent way of visiting more than one destination within a week or two and […]

Italy: Channeling Fellini on the Island of Napoleon


Channeling Fellini on the Island of Napoleon By Dale Patrick Myers It takes me two years to get to Elba after seeing it for the first time, although I have never even set foot on the island. My quest began from 30,000 feet in the air after asking an Alitalia stewardess what island we were […]