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New Year’s Eve in Rome, Italy


Walking in Rome on a night in December, the first thing you notice is the lights. White, gold, and blue- they are strung across every street, and bathe everything in an otherworldly glow. Huge gold and silver orbs hang down on invisible strings. Outside the churches, there are life-sized nativity scenes made of wood and […]

Brook Farm, UK taught me how to be


I found Brook Farm on the Internet. Isn’t that how all the best 21st century relationships begin? My husband and I were looking for a Workaway position in England when we came across Sarah and Will Wint’s Worcestershire garden and bed and breakfast business. A handful of e-mails and eight months later, Dave and I […]

Solstice in the UK


It was still damp and chilly in London. Many people would argue that it is always damp and chilly in London. However, I was in need of cheap sleeping bag, no matter what the late spring weather was predicting. The weekend had crept up on me again and I had forgotten to make plans to […]

That Time Barcelona, Spain Stole My Heart


As a musical buff, I always tend to find quotes of inspiration from the songs of great musicals. One lyric in particular from the musical ‘Rent’ has always struck a chord with me. ‘Forget regret, or life is yours to miss.’ It’s always seemed like wishful thinking to me, a nice little sentiment, a good […]

The Green Heart in Italy

Woman and Procession in Duomo Piazza

The Green Heart After celebrating our wedding anniversary on a ten-hour flight to Rome, my husband and I are in Spoleto, Italy. Spoleto is located in the region of Umbria, known for its verdant hills and vineyards, and aptly called, the Green Heart of Italy. As anywhere, the east blooms with light in Spoleto. But […]

Ei-chel, Paris, France

Paris France

We all have our routines. We go to and from work. We drop off and pick up the kids from from school. We run errands. On weekends we try to get out for some exercise. I am no different. But I am fortunate that my routine unfolds on and around the Champ de Mars, the […]

The Beauty Of Time in France


There is an inlet in the rocky coast east of Marseille, France, where a pool is formed and a peaceful getaway offers itself to the hiker who wills to make a grueling effort. Away from the city, and yet, not so far, i go there to spend the time with no regrets. The sound of […]

Encore in Paris, France


At one of our first ex-pat events, I sat on an unwelcoming green velvet chaise, suffering through a shaky rendition of “I Love Paris.” The nails on the chalkboard were both literal and figurative as my husband and I could only use “adore” to weepingly talk about the lives we had left behind. Paris was […]

Ageless Granada, Spain


Travelers knew long before scientists that time is not a constant. There are places, everyone knows at least one, where time runs slow. Granada is such a place, and the rushed travelers who file into the city fight the pace of the city and invariably lose. I was lucky to be a student in Valencia, […]

Chasing the Lost Champion under the sun in Estonia


Just as the wind began to pick up speed and the sun began to set, Jun and I made out way to the iconic Olympic hall. The journey there fuelled my imagination of the grandiose and spectacular image of arriving at this national pride. My body was motivated to keep moving as it surged with […]