Hope in the Dust in Uganda


Orange Dust. That is all I could see through those dirt streaked windows of the small truck five of us were stuffed in. The thick, orange dust that hung over that anonymous African highway dimmed the light of the setting sun.  Our only company was the dark shadows of bodies and trucks moving down that […]

Uganda: No Place Like Home


“And on the eighth day, God created Ugandans!” Anonymous quote In the beginning was money, which money was elusive and had everyone in a cat race pursuit. Armed with reams of paper, several khaki envelopes and a basketful of optimism, i make my way up Apollo Kaggwa Road to the environs sprawled with the sky […]

Gorilla hypnosis in Uganda


“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I thought to myself as I buckled my seat belt ready to take off into the unknown. After months of preparation and building up the courage to face up to my first solo voyage, I was on my way to deepest darkest Africa in search of the mystical mountain […]

Uganda: Wild and Free

gorilla uganda

UGANDA: WILD AND FREE by Bettina Gantsweg Two guides slash a path through branches with huge machetes, another treks behind lugging a shotgun, and we eight adventurers follow. Words crackle over their radios—“Keep going—six—moving fast.” I shove scratchy branches out of my face—thorns piercing my hands, and continue slogging through slush, tripping over vines. The […]

Gorilla Ambassadors

Photographs by Scott and Leja DeLisi High atop a narrow ridge in the Bufumbira Mountains, the visitor reception centre was bathed in the first rays of sunlight. Outside the walls were washed with an orange patina and after years of rainswept erosion the buildings had become raised on their foundations. Half a dozen Uganda Wildlife […]

Mombasa’s Malaika


This is an entry in the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest written by Zakaria Tiberindwa from Uganda. Thanks for your entry Zakaria! Dhow cruises, pilau feasts, the tusks on Moi Avenue, and a Likoni Ferry ride are some of the things you will see or partake of when you visit Mombasa for three days like […]

Crossing Karamoja With Kigongo

Kidepo Valley was lit up by the fiery light of dusk like a son et lumiere. As our Cessna made its final approach, a herd of shaggy hartebeest scattered in desperate flight beneath us, terrified enough to part from their shadows. A strong headwind made the plane wobble and touch down on the murram runway […]

Saving Gorillas, Saving Ourselves


By Greg Cummings One afternoon in June 2011 a black back mountain gorilla known as Mizano was engaged in battle with a pack of poachers’ dogs in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda …. In an effort to save his hounds, the poacher thrust his spear into Mizano, killing him. A post mortem revealed the […]

Gorillaland by Greg Cummings


Greg Cummings’ Gorillaland describes a compelling and terrifying trip through the heart of Africa. The reader is treated to a cast of characters like individual strings in a Byzantine intrigue, from the pristine to the corrupt, to the archetypal and historical. When each is tightened into place and woven more completely together the story’s tapestry […]