Spending time with dad in Tanzania


Looking around the table, listening to the stories of Borneo, gorillas in Rwanda and other exotic spots, I felt a bit out of place.  This was ironic.  While I grew up in California, I work in International Development which had taken me to Peshwar, Jalalabad, Bogota, Banda Aceh, Tegucigalpa….just to name a few distant outposts.  […]

The colours that inspire in tanzania


How I found the freedom to be myself Sometimes in life people change, sometimes life changes people, and sometimes life is there when people change. Before I went to on my trip to Zanzibar I was in a place of transition to say the least, and I can’t say whether it was the place or […]

Tanzania, My Spiritual Home

Tanzania pic

The blonde haired, blue eyed, fair skinned woman walking through the market in Arusha stands out from the crowds of spiral haired, brown eyed, chocolate skinned locals. She wanders through the tight rows of food stalls, all stacked to the sky with their rainbow produce, weaving between the hawkers selling their wares. That blonde woman […]

Zambia: Walking Safaris are Good for the Soul

robin pope walking

Walking safaris in Africa are good for the soul, it’s a fact – getting back to basics with a private safari guide, exploring some of Africa’s most unique and game rich areas, all on foot. It feels natural and authentic and never will you get a better view of the bush than when on foot. […]

Solitude on Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Overlooking Mawenzi Peak

Hours after a dim light from an East African moon graced the barren landscape, our ever smiling guides began their all too familiar task of rousing weary trekkers from their slumber. Illumination from headlamps began to fill the cramped sleeping quarters that defined Kibo Huts. The would be mountaineers layered themselves in an impressive spectrum […]

The Melting Snows of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


I walked out the gate for the last time, carefully closing it behind me. I walked slowly, unwilling to move fast. Tears were building up in my eyes. Mama V walked along me in silence. I tried not to look back, I tried to move forward but I couldn’t fight it anymore. I stopped and […]

Tanzania: Through the looking glass


Through the Looking Glass We sat under the shadow of a nearby Acacia tree at the corner of the orphanage to hide from the sweltering sun. The little girl beside me shielded her eyes with her dusty hands as the fierce rays intermittently broke through the leaves. We stayed on the red clay earth for […]

Tanzania: Our Doc


Our guide raised the roof of the jeep. Literally. It was not a pop- up roof, but needed to be lifted off the car to rest on four metal legs. The metal roof floated above our heads so we could stand and see the animals. I had chosen to celebrate my 50th birthday on safari […]

Kenya: Serengeti Surprise

africa 3

Serengeti Surprise Charles pulled out the biggest kitchen knife from his box of utensils and laid it out on the makeshift table beside him. It glinted in the early morning sunlight. This was all he had to protect himself. A few hours earlier, this place had been crammed with trekkers: little groups huddled over fires, […]

Honolulu: Meet Mia Coffin of One Please

One Please

Meet Mia Coffin at Park Restaurant  2885 Kalakaua Ave at Lotus Honolulu Thursday November 7 5pm-7pm Mia Coffin is a waitress, a world traveler, and would-be anthropologist. Coming from a large family in a small town in California she continually escapes her normal life in search of distant shores and adventure. Being an experienced traveler, Mia […]