Injasuthi – Hair of the Dog, South Africa


Injasuthi – Hair of the Dog The wild little dog snarled and nipped at my heels as I manhandled the two-man croc into the water. Overhead the clouds growled like a large, plaintive stomach as the Injasuthi river snatched up the rafts like small, yellow treats. The well fed dog, or rather the Injasuthi, winds […]

Southern Sunrise in South Africa


Is there a moment more inspiring, a time or a place more appropriate for feeling hopeful than at sunrise? There is always the sunrise, no matter what the day before has brought to each of us, and that light brings hope and inspiration with its multicoloured hues. For me there is no better moment for […]

Back to the Roots in Nigeria


Travel is said to be a great part of learning. Basically, travel is either for business or pleasure and rarely both. This time I travelled for the latter (tourism), to go and see what life looks like outside the city. Born and brought up in the city of Makurdi, capital of one of the North […]

Seventh Heaven in South Africa


As I stood on the shore, uncertain of myself, I faltered and curled my toes into the wet, cold sand.  Had I really come this far? Seventh Heaven in South Africa I looked up at the horizon and watched as the frothy green waves rolled in heavily and crashed at my feet whilst mountains rose […]

Hopeful Peak in South Africa


I wheezed as I paused to regain my breath and slow my pounding heart. This had to be one of the worst ideas I had ever come up with yet I couldn’t help myself, I had to keep going. I had committed to running to the top of that peak come heatstroke or heart attack […]

Children of Kibera, Kenya


When our patients and their parents heard that we were going to Kenya and would visit a school in Kibera—one of the largest slums in the world—many of them asked if we could take some supplies for the children there. One mother had her children use their allowance to buy books, others brought colored pencils, […]

Secrets of the Sahara in Morocco


Sitting in a small circle around the fire that evening, darkness fell all around us. Beyond the glow of the fire, the endless sand dunes that extended outward in every direction fell asleep in the alluring shadows of the night. Above us, the scintillating stars in the infinite sky twinkled with divine secrets to which […]

Mabilla Mountain, Nigeria a place to be


Mabilla you are the rose of Sharon, the lily of your heart. As a lily among the thistles, so is my beloved among mountains. As an apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my love among mountains. In his delightful shade I sit, and his fruit is sweet to my taste. She […]

Gold SATW for Ken Budd


Congratulations to Ken Budd for his 2014 Gold SATW award for his article,  “Kenya: Holding Elijah.” Ken Budd’s 2013 story on his volunteer experiences in Kenya and recent media criticism of voluntourism won gold on October 16 in the Society of American Travel Writers’ Lowell Thomas awards, which honors the best work in travel writing and media. Gary Arndt of […]

The elusive Room 27 at Planet Baobab, Botswana

Room 27

“Makgadikgadi? I asked what was out there, and they said ‘Nothing-only idiots go there.’ I thought fine, that’s the place for me.” Jack Bousfield, 1963 It was indeed this quote by the famous hunter, adventurer and safari operator, Jack Bousfield that convinced us to plan the most memorable breakaway imaginable. A Saturday in June marked […]