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Rediscovering the Mara in Kenya


The engine shudders and is silent. Outside the vehicle, jewelry adorned limbs jostle for position. A nimble hand slides my window open and forearm displaying almost a dozen colorful, beaded Maasai bracelets is thrust across my lap. ‘Miss! Miss! What is your name?’ ‘Jina langu ni Malee,’ I say. I ask the woman’s name in […]

Freedom At The 22nd Level in Nigeria


Freedom At The 22nd Level As I open the door of the car, my nostrils are bombarded with the incessant stench of garbage and urine. The parking lot is filled with random people; vagabonds who live here, with their never-ending arguments about everything from politics to football; trader women who provide the vagabonds with local […]

A place that allows you to feel free


I would love to see the sun rise and set while I stand on the top tower of the great walls of China and then I would eat the delicious looking Chinese noodles I see on TV before I go to bed or I could go mountain climbing in Himalaya, China on Mount Everest where […]

Saharan Sands in Morocco


Sugar-packed mint tea coursed through my blood, and the light, quick pounding of Berber drums resounded throughout the tent. Travelers brushed aside the weariness setting upon them from a long day of camel riding through the Moroccan Saharan, and filled the colorful tent from edge to edge with their multi-language babbling. A hand callused by […]

Nigeria: A Surreal Africa


I could not believe my eyes. There i was, amongst dignitaries from all works of life. I must have been the youngest in the bus. I was not sure how how i found myself there, but i knew that was where i belonged. Omotola Jalade had sat behind me, and Chimamanda Adichie, in front of […]

Far Away From Chains


The stars far above shone its reflection on Imo River, giving it a pleasant view from where we stood. Fifteen of us lined up on a bamboo-made seat and gazed ahead; my eyes sparkled with excitement without a blink at what I saw.To me, the view was what I termed “nature” ; And what is […]

Egypt: Traversing the Gulf of Aqaba


I haven’t awoken in sub- zero mizzling Cornwall…i have awoken in a large airy tiled room, wrapped tightly in crisp Egyptian cotton…I am 6000 miles away from the sum of my past 23 years and there are no centipedes or scorpions that have wheedled their way in to the fresh folds of my swaddlings. The […]

Karoo, South Africa: To The Hell and Back

Dinnertime at Jan-Eentand Cottage - Gamkaskloof

To The Hell and back Names tend to rub off on the holder because of the magnetic power within the spoken word, and it was on the road to The Hell that I boarded this thought train. Why would anyone name their dwelling place after torture and misery? Our trip to The Hell in the […]

Trail to the universe in Namibia

Kudu Bull

Trail to the universe Leunis van Rooyen You are on the seventh day of the hiking trail through Namibia’s Naukluft Park. It’s a place of rugged beauty—a rocky énclave on the edge of the Namib Desert. Because of its cliffs and deep ravines it provides refuge for a greater variety of plant and animal life […]

Cape Town, South Africa: When Fight Means Flight

South Africa

After many years of travel, my first trip to Cape Town brought the rush of excitement that experienced travellers don’t often get. I went there on business and fell in love with the city, the beautiful beaches, the view of Table Mountain out of the office window and… outdoor adventures. I used to be the […]