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Rural Relaxation in Malawi


My bones creaked and my body yelped in pain as I rolled over and reached for my phone, but instead of the ghostly display satisfying my desire to know the exact hour at all times of day and night, I found only an inanimate piece of plastic. I then remembered, with the aid of the […]

Bravery in Malawi


I’m sure my parents won’t like to hear this but taking risks is part of experiencing the world. To quote a favorite movie of mine, “A life lived in fear, is a life half-lived.” I keep reminding myself of this when I question putting aside my anxieties and having faith that something will work out […]

The parched sand of Tahrir Square, Egypt


Cairo’s Tahrir Square is an uninspiring sandbox, lacking any color or foliage. It is surrounded by unloved concrete and internationally-notorious traffic. It is a feeble place to launch a revolution. But in 2011, Tahrir Square became an Earthly portal linking mortals and the Olympus gods. We jammed drinking straws through the sand and sucked up […]

The Yauri I will never forget in Nigeria


Do you know that a bird on hand is much better than many on tree? At times, giving eyewitness account only reduces a story to nothing but understatement or exaggeration. In the past, I’ve heard too many stories from my friends about their tour to various places where they could be themselves however it only […]

The Open Air Mall in Zambia


It is the beginning of summer and I am at the mall buying shorts. I’ve been here for all of five minutes, and already I can feel a headache starting between my temples. The sales rep comes over. “Are you finding everything alright today?” I look at him and then at the selection before me […]

Uganda: No Place Like Home


“And on the eighth day, God created Ugandans!” Anonymous quote In the beginning was money, which money was elusive and had everyone in a cat race pursuit. Armed with reams of paper, several khaki envelopes and a basketful of optimism, i make my way up Apollo Kaggwa Road to the environs sprawled with the sky […]

NYSC orientation in Nigeria


A bird on hand is much better than many on tree. At times, giving eyewitness account only reduces a story to nothing but understatement or exaggeration. Although, I’ve not lived too long on earth but in my quest to know “what it feels like to be free”, I’d failed, I’d suffered, I’d been ridiculed, I’m […]

The Value of Freedom in Malawi


When and where have I felt the most freedom in my life so far? I thought long and hard about the answer to this question. Was it while trying to outrace a thunderstorm in Lesotho, galloping along a ridge below building towers of storm clouds? Was it finally catching my first wave after a long […]

Nigeria: A Place To Feel Free


With or without common sense is everybody vying for their freedom, in fact, every living want to gain independence either in collective or lonely. Apart from seeking independence by either collectively or singly, they also want it in any form or place they are likely to find it. Feeling conscripted is when they fail to […]

A home away from Home in Nigeria


A HOME AWAY FROM HOME INTRODUCTION As a young chap in his prime, I have always longed for freedom, freedom in terms of a situation where I can conveniently unleash and hurl my talents. Often time when I find myself within the four walls of our home I seem not to feel free. Ideas and […]