Freedom on A Chicken Bus in Guatemala!


Jostling in my seat like a rag doll as the bus navigates gaping holes in the road seemingly large enough to swallow us whole, I question why I have chosen this journey. I love traveling because it always opens up new horizons to worlds previously unimagined and brings out a sense of wonderment; but it […]

Guatemala: The Beautiful


Guatemala is a beautiful and lovely place whether you are going as a place of tourism or if you are going to work with the young children of the isolated villages. I first was able to experience this mountainous country when I was in the 5th grade. The first place I encountered was an orphanage […]

Enchanted Forest Demons of Guatemala


“And they climbed up to the top of the tree. But the tree begun to grow larger. It swelled in size. Thus when they wanted to come back down, One Batz and One Huen couldn’t climb down from the top of the tree… Thus they went up into the tops of the trees there in […]

Guatemala’s Children: From Forced Labor To The Classroom

Before and After Maria and Carmen

From Forced Labor To The Classroom: Maria and Carmen’s Second Last Chance Guest Post by Luke Maguire Armstrong Today, everyone reading this has an opportunity to not just travel the world, but make a difference in the lives of those in need they encounter along the way. It is difficult to believe that I first […]

Guatemala: Men With Machetes, Bones With Souls, Mountains With Secrets


“Are you afraid of death?” he asks me with the same intonation as if he is asking Do you like yellow flowers. I don’t know how to answer. My mouth becomes dry. “When you go to the graveyard, are you scared?” he clarifies. “When I was a little girl, yes, I was scared of death […]

Guatemala: Waters With a Taste of Mountain

27547_5240b6dc3e5cd7.58223664-big (1)

“First the earth was created, the mountains and the valleys. The waterways were divided, their branches coursing among the mountains. Thus the waters were divided, revealing the great mountains. For thus was the creation of the earth, created then by Heart of Sky and Heart of Earth, as they are called. They were the first […]

Antigua, Guatemala: We’re all Handicapped


In the spring of 2012 I was blessed with the opportunity to go with my school to Antigua, Guatemala to serve the schools, orphanages, and community. After much fundraising and hard work with my team, we went on our way to this beautiful city. It was as if I had gone back in time. The […]

Guatemala: The River Cave Expedition

river cave

The River Cave Expedition is the first of series of expeditions we went on together with our friends, the Friendship crew and the Czechs, on the north and west shores of Lago Izabal, Guatemala’s biggest lake where we sailed together for two weeks. The members of the River Cave Expedition include four adults, one teenager, […]

Guatemala: Ancient Enchantment of Tikal


I was leery of the small plane waiting to whisk us to the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal. I am not a fan of heights and tolerate air travel only because I love visiting far-flung places difficult to reach any other way. My sister and my niece grabbed their backpacks and dragged me forward. It […]

As the World (and Washing Machine) Turns


Fall is my favourite season. The smell of the cool fall air is clean and fresh, and I love the crunch of leaves as I crush them against the sidewalk under my shoes. Fall may be my favourite season, but what’s really amazing is that seasons exist. No matter where you go, they’re unavoidable. As […]