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Freedom on A Chicken Bus in Guatemala!


Jostling in my seat like a rag doll as the bus navigates gaping holes in the road seemingly large enough to swallow us whole, I question why I have chosen this journey. I love traveling because it always opens up new horizons to worlds previously unimagined and brings out a sense of wonderment; but it […]

Nicaragua:Unexpected places the truth hides


Sitting on a beach is perhaps the most stereotypical place to ‘find yourself’ but my experience was a little different. Yes it was a ‘tropical’ beach with white sand and clear warm waters in Mexico but it represented to me everything I didn’t want and everything I wanted to be free from. Hundreds of burnt […]

The In-Betweens in Costa Rica


I look back through my tear-stained eyes for once last blurred glimpse of my parents. A fumble through ticketing and security lead me to a long, dimly lit passageway of seemingly infinite moving sidewalks. A glowing dome surrounds the chamber and the tiny lights that occupy my field of vision change form and hue in […]

Descendiendo al cielo ~ Costa Rica


At Thirty-eight years old, I boarded the plane with a friend I had met less than 4 months ago. Years prior to this, the idea of travelling to Central America with someone I hardly knew, without my husband or daughter by my side, would be unheard of. Travel had always been a dream of mine, […]

Guatemala: The Beautiful


Guatemala is a beautiful and lovely place whether you are going as a place of tourism or if you are going to work with the young children of the isolated villages. I first was able to experience this mountainous country when I was in the 5th grade. The first place I encountered was an orphanage […]

The Allure of Costa Rica

costa rica

Sitting on a log overlooking the blue Pacific waters, time seems irrelevant. One minute, one hour, only the changing tide and movement of the sun hints at a waning day. Trees shade the log and our bodies. Occasionally a slight breeze tempers the heat. Waves smash beyond the rocky, gray sand beach. Surfers paddle out […]

The Queen whose name I did not know in El Salvador

El Salvador Picture

I met her in the small village of San Jacinto, El Salvador. My heart aches when I think of her because I only see her face. I failed to learn her name. Her eyes revealed her identity as surely as her fingerprints: one-of-kind, cherished, beautiful. The gaze emitted from her piercing brown eyes, big and […]

Honduras-Simply Rich with Beauty and Laughter

honduras coffee beans

Honduras- Simply Rich with Beauty and Laughter October 31, 2010. My family and I climb onto the giant-sized steps of the bus. Dusk is descending onto the dimly-lit street. We know that we will not return to the United States for seven days. The week ahead of us is packed with fun and adventure. Brisas […]

Costa Rica-The Secret To No Regrets


The small plane is aimed at the Pacific Ocean before its course is casually adjusted at an angle over the miles of parallel palm plantations below, as though it were an experienced swimmer caught in a rip tide headed back to shore. The altitude drop and final arc of the aircraft signals everyone that we […]

Costa Rica: My Inspiration and My Nature

Volcano view

I find it beautifully ironic that I stumbled upon this travel writing contest the day before a significant anniversary in my life. It’s an anniversary I share with my significant other: nature. February 12th will forever be my “quit-aversary,” that is, the day I quit living someone else’s life and started living my own. After […]