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Tobago, a part of me.


Tobago. It’s the sister island to my homeland Trinidad and just like sisters often are, they could not be more different. Tobago is like a dream that you don’t want to wake up from, it’s an entirely different world and that’s what makes it hard to believe that this magical island is accessible via a […]

Inspirational Waters in Trinidad and Tobago

matura river

INSPIRATIONAL WATERS As I plunged myself into the water I felt all stress, all uncertainties an all negative aspects of my life just disappeared as my toes grazed the surface of the icy mountain water. Being in nature away from my hectic life, such as school or work is one of the greatest recreations that […]

Manzanilla, Trinidad: Island in an Island


Come with me and join in our venture into ‘An island in an island’. My boyfriend and I decided to go on a road trip to discover the island of Trinidad located in the Caribbean Sea. The sun was warm and friendly as the people inhabiting the island. The air was cool and refreshing as […]