A Step Outside the Carribean


                 I stared out the plane window into the heart of Port Au Prince, Haiti. As I stared at the buildings, my mind flooded back to the trip to India when I was seven and the many mission trips we had been on to Romania. I was thankful for having […]

Over the Trees in Puerto Rico


On the one hand, all I need to do is let myself go. On the other hand, I’m 900 feet over the forest floor. “Ready?” the tour guide asks. I hesitate. “Maybe?” I say. The guide sighs. He watches tourists go zip lining in Toro Verde Adventure Park all day, so he doesn’t think flying […]

The Island Owner`s Influence in Grenada


The Island Owner`s Influence in Grenada I am a brave person . I live my life exactly how I want to live it. Recently I took a chance to work abroad for a few years which gave me an enormous experience. I also went on around the world trip for 3 weeks, and learnt a […]

Barbados Holidays


Does sipping on a cool cocktail on a nearly deserted, pure white sand beach with a turquoise blue ocean in front of you sound like a bucket list item?  If so, a Barbados Holiday is a great item to scratch off of your to-do-list.  Located just east of the Windward Islands in the Caribbean Sea, […]

Trinidad and Tobago: All Ah We is One


They were here again – the Paparazzi!  We strolled confidently towards the melee, the crowds parted, camera shutters clicking.  They began “I want one of you together”, “She wants her picture with you”.  We obliged, we were ready! It was our 14th time playing Mas at Trinidad & Tobago Carnival.  We recognised the looks of […]

Beyond the Trip: 5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on a Cruise

Lucaya Beach

Cruises are popular vacation options yet not many are aware that a cruise is much more than being spoiled with luxurious accommodations, full board meals and entertainment on board. A cruise is also a great opportunity to discover and experience the culture and recreation of the different places included in the cruise trip’s itinerary. Holiday […]

Los Campos de Sueños, Dominican Republic


Getting Busy: Manny Mota and Los Campos de Sueños   The dirt streets of El Tamarindo are dusty with walkers.  El Tamarindo is a village that was blown here sixteen years ago by Hurricane Georges.  Tens of thousands on Hispaniola lost everything.  Many ended up in this barrio.    We are dusty, too, with walking.  […]

T Shirts for Haiti


It was 1984 when my husband of just over a year suggested Haiti as a vacation destination.  He had an acquaintance who recently returned from the popular Club Med resort and suggested I bring T-shirts for the Haitians.  “They need clothing,” he informed me, “and they are grateful for anything you can give.” I dragged […]

Mossa’s Wheelbarrow in Haiti


Like many people, I have wondered if I could make a difference in someone’s life. I am just one person. I’m no hero. So what could I really do? I’ll tell you…. I met Mossa. Mossa spends her life curled on an old foam-rubber mattress on the ground in northwest Haiti. Her one-room home has […]

From Montego-Bay to Royan


From Montego-Bay to Royan Growing up in Jamaica, water was always at my fingertips. As a child, I considered her a close friend. I would play with the water and she would play with me. I would stand waist deep in her salty blues and she would splash me over and over trying to push […]