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Academics & Adventure on Island heaven:Jamaica

Frankland Waterfalls

Academics and Adventure It was through my educational pursuits that the twin islands of St. Kitts and Nevis struck my radar. Though small in size this quaint island shaped like a juicy chicken leg on Google maps, is a masterpiece of sculpted volcanic peaks and mountain ranges protruding above the massive plains and low lying […]

Inspirational Waters in Trinidad and Tobago

matura river

INSPIRATIONAL WATERS As I plunged myself into the water I felt all stress, all uncertainties an all negative aspects of my life just disappeared as my toes grazed the surface of the icy mountain water. Being in nature away from my hectic life, such as school or work is one of the greatest recreations that […]

#RBQuests: From Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Condado Plaza Hilton

I am on location in Puerto Rico filming with Richard Bangs and White Nile Media! This week we are creating videos for PRTourismCo and Orbitz Originals. Wondering what we are doing? I will be sharing social media with the tag #RBQuests. Use this link to the TagBoard or see below to follow along. My first night […]

A night with Charlie in Jamaica


Gurgling and gasping for air I finally surfaced. Shooting pain surged through my legs and back forcing me to float as flat as possible, the transparent water surrounding me. Adrenaline rushed through me as I heard the muffled screams of victory from my newfound friends on the yacht in front of me, their shouts almost […]

Puerto Rico: The Island of Relaxation


The chill and moisturized sea breeze brushing through your face, giving you tingly sensations all throughout your body, the splashing of waves crashing against the soft moist sand, giving a wooshing sound as they retreat back into the ocean. The sound of little kids running around and laughing; all while you sit in comfort of […]

Manzanilla, Trinidad: Island in an Island


Come with me and join in our venture into ‘An island in an island’. My boyfriend and I decided to go on a road trip to discover the island of Trinidad located in the Caribbean Sea. The sun was warm and friendly as the people inhabiting the island. The air was cool and refreshing as […]

Barbados: A great place to visit year round.


Ah, the Caribbean. The name alone conjures up daydreams of relaxing on the beach under a palm tree with your feet buried in warm, white sand and a nice sea breeze coming off the clear blue waters ahead. With thousands of islands spread out over the Caribbean Sea, there are many options of islands to […]

Raúl’s Havana


I landed in Havana fairly late on the evening of September 5th, 2013. In our last email exchange, Raúl – the friend of a friend of my boyfriend’s friend – had specified he’d be wearing a straw hat with over-sized sunglasses; I, had sent him a picture of my silly face. So upon exiting Jose […]

Five must-visit Caribbean resorts

Bathsheba, Barbados

With its glorious weather, sandy beaches and lukewarm turquoise seas, the Caribbean islands are seen as a dream holiday destination for many people. Temperatures tend to range from a minimum of 20C in January to above 30C in July, so you can be sure of getting some sunshine whenever you travel. The one problem that some […]

Unforgettable Cuba


Last spring when I was researching potential places to take my yearly holiday, a number of destinations were put on the table. Costa Rica, Barbados, Cuba and various places in the United States such as Texas, Illinois, Montana and California all made the final cut but in the end, it was Cuba that won the […]