Gelatinous Rice Pig on a Flower


My peculiar visit to Hanoi had become more bizarre! I used to work at the China Daily in Beijing. I figured I I would look into similar newspaper editing (while monitored by the state) work in Hanoi, which is where a paper called the Vietnam News is based. So I grabbed a copy of the […]

Prayer in Saigon, Vietnam


  by Joey Bui  At the entrance to Vinh Nghiem Temple in Saigon, you can buy wreaths of jasmine. My grandmother buys me a wreath every time we go together. We have been twice, once when I was six, and then when I was sixteen. The petals are twisted into thick bulbs, and the stalks […]

A Letter of Thanks to Halong Bay, Vietnam


Dear Halong Bay, I don’t know if its appropriate to ‘thank’ a place. But to me, like many of my loved ones, you hold a special place in my heart and your memories make me a better person.  I met you a year ago, when I was lost and hurting from a relationship gone terribly, […]

Somewhere to Sleep: Catba Island, Vietnam

Amber Young

Darkness surrounds me, and I am alone. Rain pounds down around me, and I know that my backpack is getting wet; I lost my pack cover a few weeks ago to a gust of wind. I feel a building sense of dread – will I find a place to sleep tonight? I had left my […]

Honored to share in Vietnam

Winslow - Vietnam

Prolonged exposure to the frenzied pace of Southeast Asia’s mega-metropolitan areas is perhaps best remedied by a detour to Hoi An in central Vietnam. In addition to the beautiful Cua Dai Beach showcasing views of the Cham Islands, the former port trading center offers a picturesque and historic, UNESCO-designated downtown featuring centuries-old Vietnamese homes, museums […]

The Pedaling Poet and the Perfume River, Vietnam

Gold Dream Poem

Once upon a time in Hue Vietnam, lovers didn’t need a sense of direction to find romance–they would follow their nose and arrive at the Perfume River. A saccharine fragrance carried by the Perfume River lured artists and romantics from all over the city. Some say the captivating aroma came from wild flora that fell […]

Vietnam: Eco and Ethno-tourism for Sustainable adventures

world wide gifts beaches

Eco and Ethno tourism: Sustainable adventures for the Traveller on a Budget For most of us, finance is the driving force for the choices we make when we jet off on our next holiday. While the cheap resort package will always prove popular, two recently emergent trends in shopping for bargain holidays are eco-tourism and […]

Reflection in Vietnam


Vivid colours, cheeky smiling faces, fresh spicy aromas and purple sunsets….these are just a few of the reasons to appreciate every single moment in Vietnam. How would I describe Vietnam…..? Unlike any place you’ve ever been! Vietnam is one of most diverse, visually breathtaking and magical countries I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. My […]

A moment in life in Vietnam


It was almost a kind of sadness when, right before leaving my country, I realized that I didn’t know much of it. I have traveled a lot to different countries, I have memorized the name of strange streets, have stopped to take pictures of places I may be able to visit just once, have walked […]

Lost in Vietnam and Happy About It


Ask me a year ago for travel advice, and I would have said: I have all the answers. I know the perfect way. What is good for me is good for everyone. Ask me now, and I know better. All I know is that I’ve figured out what works for me. I was lost in […]