A Decade of Departure around the World


A Decade of Departures I left home as soon as I was able. It had never been a happy place and the often violent streets of Belfast offered little respite. I therefore spent much of my childhood in my room, longing for elsewhere, learning to spell the names of countries as I leafed through my […]

Dreaming of South Korea

Aviary Photo_130368083940981037

I was once told that I could never be where I am now. Now I am being told that I can never go to where I want to be. To breathe air from a different part of this earth and feel foreign soil before my feet, to interact with others who are not quite like […]

Craving for Cream Puffs in South Korea


I was at a party with a selection of great-looking mini-desserts. Having a sweet tooth, I got one of each. Meanwhile, my friend filled her saucer with her favorite cream puffs. I wondered why she didn’t try the other variants and I learned the answer as I forced myself to finish the ones on my […]

My Mind, I Took It Home to Korea


I have never been celebrated Winter in my life. I am from Indonesia, a very tropical country with never ending summer. Truthfully the idea of having winter is always on my mind. I always want to go to Iceland or even Greenland just to feel some winter euphoria. Then, I decided to go to South […]

South Korea: Foolhardy Acts

south korea

Banks of neon from street to stars seared my retinas. Seoul at night. I was in South Korea for a specific reason. To find work. But not just any old work, acting work. Being cooped up in London, too poor for acting school, no real experience of note, meant I was just another face in the […]

South Korea: The Forgotten Charms of Changdeokgung Palace

changdeokgung palace

I soaked in the sights as we whizzed by, mostly dazzled by the half-melted snow on the ground. I exhaled out a breath of cold air which fogged up the chilled window of the bus and doodled the word ‘Korea’. I was finally here! The homeland of Korean pop music and Korean food. It was […]

Northern Seoul – “Rice wine, Monks, and Sheep”

wierd korea

Thank you to Chris Backe for sharing one of his Seoul Itineraries with us from his book, Weird and Wonderful Korea “Welcome to Korea! An introduction: South Korea – home of soju, kimchi, and love motels. Presented here are the weird and wonderful parts of Korea – the places that tourists rarely reach and even locals don’t know […]

Thailand: Finding Friendship and Tea Above the Clouds


This is an entry in the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest written by Jillian Gotfredson from America. Thanks for your entry Jillian! I sat waiting in the back of the truck; the heat subsiding slightly as a storm hovered above, the beat of raindrops on metal creating watery melodies. In twenty minutes the clouds had […]

Interested in Living and Working Abroad?

In the sand dunes near Jaisalmer, India

It was March 2009. I had been working at my first “real job” in San Francisco for five months when I realized I didn’t want to sit in a cube. I wanted to travel. So, I quit. My new job, my new apartment, my new city, my new friends, and my new paychecks. I said […]

Not Wasting Time: Meet Plan Go Career Break Style

Meet Plan Go: Stop Dreaming Start Packing!

  In October 2011, George and I were the hosts for Meet Plan Go Los Angeles, part of 17 cities hosting events about Career Breaks, Mini-Retirements and Long Term Travel. We had traveled for nearly a year in 2008-9 and this month we left again for at least a year. Meet Plan Go National recently […]