Singapore musing: Singapore in Rain and my village


Singapore musing:  Singapore in Rain and my  village Wow! At last I am in Singapore, the fabled city. Seating comfortably in my hotel room and looking at the Singapore skyline with a warm cuppa of tea. As I am looking out a nice drizzle of rain engulfs the city .I am looking out fascinated by […]

Couchsurfing around the world


If you’ve ever thought of backpacking, or you have backpacked, or are currently backpacking, you most likely have heard of Couchsurfing. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about – Couchsurfing is a travel community of sorts where people all around the world, in many different countries, open up their homes, […]

Home Through Her Heart in Singapore


I live in a country I love. A country that through it’s stringent laws, and perhaps suffocating tendencies, holds a place I call home. Home is arguably one of the most common topics we talk about here in our tiny island. After all, it is difficult to find a sense of belonging in a land […]

Bartering with a Billionaire in Singapore

Apple in Germany

Michael Wigge redefines the term “adventure travel.” For some, adventure comes in the form of scaling mountains and bungee jumping. For Wigge, the adventure lies in engaging with strangers, couch surfing, getting from one country to the next with no money and even crossing Germany….on a Razor scooter.   After travelling the world for 150 […]

Singapore: Adventures to Freedom

Picture 955

A NOT SO PRIVATE TRAVEL DIARY: MY ADVENTURES TO FREEDOM AND HAPPINESS Many years ago, I was a frequent traveller…in my dreams. I enjoyed seeing different places…in books. In reality, I was a prisoner. I was imprisoned by fear of exploring the world. I was in a lonely and dark place. Luckily, that’s all in […]

Singapore: My Trip to the Zoo with My Parents

Magnificent bull elephant, Chawang, salutes visitors as they enjoy a tram ride in Singapore's Night Safari. Chawang, the park's largest resident, is one of five Asian elephants that calls this attraction home.

Just before my nephew was born in December 2000, my parents came to visit me at work. I was living on a “Renaissance Cruises” ship amidst a fifty-day sailing from Athens, Greece to Bangkok, Thailand. Being the senior assistant cruise director, passengers had seen me on television, on stage, in the halls and in port […]

Hong Kong: A Place I Love

Mouthwatering wonton noodles at Mak's Noodles

This is an entry in the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest written by Nicholas Yong from Singapore. Thanks for your entry Nicholas! Hong Kong: former British colony, Special Administrative Region, and one of the most densely populated cities in the world, is not a place for the faint-hearted. But it is one of the […]

My Incredible India


This is an entry in the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest written by Fang Wei Goh from Singapore. Thanks for your entry Fang Wei! India is a country that I have been to 5 times since 2009. People visit India for their own various reasons; some are followers of the late spiritual guru Sai Baba […]