Traveling in Sin, our memoir, is available on Amazon.

The Heart-Capturing City of Dumaguete, Philippines


Each city has its own story. Each has its own rich history. But not all of them have very interesting ones. Dumaguete is one of the very few cities with interesting stories behind them. Why? That is because it involves pirates, beautiful ladies, and even a living statue. The key words that gave birth to […]

In Nokia’s News!

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From March News for We Said Go Travel: Thank you to Nokia for my Lumia 925 and for publishing my story about Manila! See photo on left and click here to read it! I am continuing to publish three entries from our Inspiration Travel Writing Contest everyday. Our fourth Travel Writing Contest ended on February 14, 2014 with […]

Malapascua: Remembering Eternity in the Philippines


It no longer exists, not as it was on that farewell New Year’s Eve when I counted the fireworks enflaming the sky. Malapascua – a small island in the Philippine chain – was buried under the sea waters the typhoons brought last year. Aerial photos show a mess of corrugated iron and bowed, broken palm […]

Tripping down Asia’s Memory Lane: My Top 10


I have never understood how anyone can like January. The sad, sinking feeling caused by limp, leftover tinsel hanging in shops, braving the dreary weather without any promise of a mulled wine stop, realising that everyone you know has vowed to lose weight, save money or quit drinking- it is a real slog of a […]

The Road to Making a Difference in the Philippines


Sitting by the beach watching the sun turn from white to orange to red as it gets immersed in the sea is a moment that can switch on your creative button. It is a great spot to read a book, write a story, or simply sip a cocktail drink and breathe in the fresh sea […]

Traveling in Sin is now a PAPERBACK!

Traveling in SIn is a paperback

From our latest news: Our memoir, Traveling in Sin, is now available in three paperback editions! It turns out most books have very few color photos as they are quite expensive! So we now have FOUR OPTIONS: Kindle e-book with color photos, a paperback with color photos, a paperback with black and white photos and […]

Available: A Life in the Philippines


Available: A Life in the Philippines by B.J. Stolbov Mortgage, insurance, car, gas, electricity, water . . . drowning in bills, bills, and more bills . . . money going out and out . . . oh, what to do. . . . What to do? Three years ago, I joined the Peace Corps. I […]

Hakuna Matata in the Philippines


I’m not sure about the precise moment when time was seemingly put to a halt. The sun was ablaze as my torso bobbed with the small boat that waded through the strong current. I was in partial slumber as my circadian rhythm insisted on catching up with its supposed state of snooze some hours before. […]

Batanes, Philippines: Heaven on Earth


Dear Batanes, Kapian capa nu dios Batanes! (Hello Batanes!). First, I write to you as a hopeless romantic. No! Not the kind of I am looking for a happy ever after, waiting for my prince charming. I am in love with your beauty. You are a piece of heaven on Earth. My fascination about you […]

I left My Heart in The Philippines

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I left My Heart in The Philippines When I was in Barcelona last November, I got a newsletter from All Hands Volunteers, the NGO I always want to join since 2 years ago. From the newsletter, I got info that they opened the project in Philippines to help the people who suffered from the Haiyan […]