Gratitude in India: A Place that Allows You to Feel Strong


Sometimes too much of stability can take your life to an edge, thats what happened to me. Five years and ten months of a fancy corporate job, brain storming sessions within those immaculate white walls and a fancy pay cheque was enough to get me there. I was restless because life was too easy, predictable […]

A Journey to Rediscovery in India


Rediscovery of Self in the Land of the High Passes I was sitting right in the middle of my sisters when my eyes fell on the handsome mountains covered with a blanket of snow on their tops. I began to jump and almost sat over my sister (who was next to the window) to capture […]

My tryst with independence in India


For as long as i can remember, I have been an independent soul. My father, a fiercely independent man himself, always tried to instill the sense of independence from when I was little. He would explain the small things in life that made us independent – read your own books – it’s the biggest joy […]

Forgotten Thank Yous in India


When you are travelling to the North-East of India, you expect to be feasting your eyes on the snowcapped mountains, the sun rise and the greenery. You expect to wrap yourself in a stole while drinking that hot cup of coffee, bang in the middle of the month of June. You expect to visit all […]

From Relatives to Absolutes in India


From Relatives to Absolutes in India Let me get straight to the point: leaving one’s home is an absolutely essential element in order to ‘feel free’. Let me get straight to another point: the above sentence makes a presumption that you already have a home. The context of home, independence and freedom is not absolute, […]

India in a wheelchair


India was always somewhere that I want to visit but being in a wheelchair I didn’t think it was going to be possible. However I met someone who regularly works in India and together we formed a plan. We had two weeks to explore as much of Rajasthan as possible with a little diversion Utter […]

Where Nature Exhibits Excellence!


It was mid-noon. We were following Alakananda upstream through a bare stony trajectory; a six kilometers trek to Vasudhara falls. Clouds were protecting us from sun. Small grass flowers were greeting with smile. No other tourist to accompany, till we were enjoying our walk. The environment was calm, cool and dry. No greenery was there […]

Independence in India: “The Unshackled Soul”


Independence in India: “The Unshackled Soul” God created this Cosmos with one prominent thing in mind, “UNIQUE”. When I say unique, it translates straight into the exclusivity of each living matter. And in nexus to that, the state of feeling free rather than just being free explains our distinct ways of experiencing Independence. The reason […]

Off-along-the rails in India


The babies are asleep, and all of us are rocked in the huge cradle with them; back and forth we sway. On an unexpected jolt I catch the eye of the old lady who got on at Shkodra and we smile at each other. My friend who joined us at Clapham Junction has caught the […]

Freedom at 14,000 Feet in India


After 6 hours of uphill driving, passing by one of the highest roads in the world, Chang La, Lina and I feel the air around Pangong Lake. A fortress of mountains around us acts like a bowl which seems to hold us gently and lay us softly on the mildly meandering lake. This is the […]