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India in a wheelchair


India was always somewhere that I want to visit but being in a wheelchair I didn’t think it was going to be possible. However I met someone who regularly works in India and together we formed a plan. We had two weeks to explore as much of Rajasthan as possible with a little diversion Utter […]

Where Nature Exhibits Excellence!


It was mid-noon. We were following Alakananda upstream through a bare stony trajectory; a six kilometers trek to Vasudhara falls. Clouds were protecting us from sun. Small grass flowers were greeting with smile. No other tourist to accompany, till we were enjoying our walk. The environment was calm, cool and dry. No greenery was there […]

Independence in India: “The Unshackled Soul”


Independence in India: “The Unshackled Soul” God created this Cosmos with one prominent thing in mind, “UNIQUE”. When I say unique, it translates straight into the exclusivity of each living matter. And in nexus to that, the state of feeling free rather than just being free explains our distinct ways of experiencing Independence. The reason […]

Off-along-the rails in India


The babies are asleep, and all of us are rocked in the huge cradle with them; back and forth we sway. On an unexpected jolt I catch the eye of the old lady who got on at Shkodra and we smile at each other. My friend who joined us at Clapham Junction has caught the […]

Freedom at 14,000 Feet in India


After 6 hours of uphill driving, passing by one of the highest roads in the world, Chang La, Lina and I feel the air around Pangong Lake. A fortress of mountains around us acts like a bowl which seems to hold us gently and lay us softly on the mildly meandering lake. This is the […]

Silence of the Rivers, Allahabad, India


Silence of the Rivers……Allahabad The cool trickling sand between my toes, the muddy Ganges tentative steps towards the twirling frisky Yamuna, the orange-robed Sun take its evening dip in the serene, muddy waters of the Ganges, to disappear into the horizon. Scenes photocopied over time as I stood ankle deep at the confluence of the […]

Chasing the Sunset in India


“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high…” – Opening line of the famous Poem ‘Where the mind is without fear’ by Nobel Laureate Shri Rabindranath Tagore. Since, the subject to highlight here is “A Place That Allows You to Feel Free”, I have to say that it is slightly difficult for […]

Vrindavan: Home Is Where The Heart Is


Vrindavan: Home Is Where The Heart Is ‘An Ordinary soul merely dreams but an extraordinary soul rebels to make dream come true’. It is no quote but reflects my own philosophy. Who says life is unfair? Destiny bestows opportunity to everyone. Few grab it & transform their lives. Few just ignore it. How Longing Begins […]

Find Freedom! Tell Your Story

Where do you find FREEDOM? Share your story in the WSGT Independence Travel Writing Contest Thank you to the winners and all the participants in the Inspiration Travel Writing Contest. Thank you for reading, commenting and being in our community! I hope you will be inspired to join in our Summer 2014 Independence Writing Contest! The entries so […]

Where do you drink yours?


The coffee is from the Taiwanese bubble tea stall. Served in a super size plastic cup, pushed forwards by the smiliest server before he retreats back into the throng of waving receipts. Twenty-four Hong Kong dollars- almost the same price as my shrimp noodle lunch. Half luxury, half necessity- I am too tired to indulge […]