To Delhi with Love


  Just hours before I took my flight to India, a friend told me a story of a woman who’d been abducted in Delhi. She’d gone to use the bathroom in a restaurant, her friends had waited for her to return, but she never did. This was my friend’s way of warning me. I was […]

Gallivanting in Goa, India


I met Mariana in the Spanish class, which were I attended last year in summer at the University of Mumbai. She was from Portugal. We both enrolled late for the course and often had to work together after the lectures to cope up with the class. It was shear serendipity. We hit it off quite […]

Thattekad riot of colors, Paradise of Birds in India


Being born with a lazy born I avoid every chance to go for birding trips. I would rather sit in 4×4 vehicle for hours spotting a Tiger coz it’s probably easy way out. Birds are super active species and will make you run around the jungle, so I must have done thousand coin tosses to […]

Goa, India: Here HAPPINESS is the choice


Everybody must have heard of Goa’s beaches, its churches, its greenery, cleanliness but what you would have not heard about would be its inner beauty. Having beautiful beaches is not the only claim to fame for Goa. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of hectic lifestyle which clutches the rest of India, this sun drenched […]

Dharamshala, India – Find your consolation here!


There are very few places in the world which encapsulate you into its atmosphere giving you a sense of fulfilment. One such place for me is Dharamshala in North of India in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Dharamshala has a serenity about it that made me appreciate and thank life for whatever it has offered […]

India: If Not Now, Then When


India: If Not Now, Then When “Excuse me miss, are you travelling by yourself?” he asked. “Yes”, she replied rather vehemently. A tiny voice inside her head murmuring out aloud reminding her that this was such a contrast to the somewhat awkward self-conscious girl she once was. That was two years ago. In an ‘if […]

Gratitude in India: A Place that Allows You to Feel Strong


Sometimes too much of stability can take your life to an edge, thats what happened to me. Five years and ten months of a fancy corporate job, brain storming sessions within those immaculate white walls and a fancy pay cheque was enough to get me there. I was restless because life was too easy, predictable […]

A Journey to Rediscovery in India


Rediscovery of Self in the Land of the High Passes I was sitting right in the middle of my sisters when my eyes fell on the handsome mountains covered with a blanket of snow on their tops. I began to jump and almost sat over my sister (who was next to the window) to capture […]

My tryst with independence in India


For as long as i can remember, I have been an independent soul. My father, a fiercely independent man himself, always tried to instill the sense of independence from when I was little. He would explain the small things in life that made us independent – read your own books – it’s the biggest joy […]

Forgotten Thank Yous in India


When you are travelling to the North-East of India, you expect to be feasting your eyes on the snowcapped mountains, the sun rise and the greenery. You expect to wrap yourself in a stole while drinking that hot cup of coffee, bang in the middle of the month of June. You expect to visit all […]