Heaven The Place Of God in India


 “Heaven”—is what I cannot reach! Heaven is something which can’t work on expression It is something which is not making enemies It means we have to work in all seasons It is the work in which we have to work in a nice vision And not thinking like putting in everyone mind our impression It’s […]

My Diary in India


So I finally decided to muster all the courage I got and opened this word document. Yes, neither did I open the once beloved notebook whose pages have turned yellow while it waited for its indifferent owner. Nor I could find that blunt pencil from the once gifted pencil box. Those days are long gone. I […]

The Brave and the Beautiful In India


The moment I saw Roopa*—beautiful, dimpled and dusky—it was clear that playing mother to her son was her sole vocation in life. Sitting in the verandah in the mild winter sun, unravelling a sweater, she didn’t once avert her gaze from him as he, unmindful of her, doodled in a notebook. “Keechu kheye ne (eat […]

India: Walking Krisha Home from School


  Walking Krisha Home from School   I walk home with Krisha from our preschool in rural India. She does not hold my hand because her 3 year old feet are more sure on the rocks than mine. It is noon – the hottest part of another hot day. I pull my Dupatta over my […]

India: Priceless Lessons from a Penniless Society


Priceless Lessons from a Penniless Society The rickety bus, ornamentally embellished in psychedelic colours, pants for breath as it pauses while scrambling up the corkscrew contours. A little girl runs towards the bus, her thin legs kicking up a cloud of dust all along the trail. Her hair and the envelope in her hand – […]

Thank You: The unfiltered soul of Bengaluru, India


Thank you, Bangalore, for your gentle blue skies as invigorating as a cup of filter coffee; your occasionally blushing sun; your fragrant rains from a refreshing sprinkle to ruinous raging downpours; and, your visually arresting cloudscapes like slow-moving frescoes painted on the sky. Thank you for your vibrance; houses painted in pastel orange, purple, green, […]

Miracle of the forest in India


        From Mumbai we were travelling towards southern part of India.  Krishna was driving the car.  The Konkan way consists of one of the most amazing and beautiful roads for a peaceful journey. In some places the roads and rail lines run together and kiss each other and then separate to different […]

The temple of villain in India.


              The temple of villain!                Few years back, while I was travelling to Uttar Pradesh for one of my friend’s wedding, who was a wildlife conservation officer near Kanpur. The trip was really enjoyable. One of our botanist friend Avinash was explaining the […]

The Sandstorm in India


The sandstorm engulfs me like a swarm of angry wasps. Each gust fires a thousand grains of dust at my helmet and fills my ears with a noise like static, as I crouch by a drystone wall. My thirty-eight year-old Royal Enfield motorbike sits abandoned by the roadside. My hands sting as they cover my […]

Making a Living Out of Dead People, India


 MAKING A LIVING OUT OF DEAD PEOPLE… We all travel for a variety of reasons mostly its business or pleasure. I embarked upon a journey since I was dejected with life, as my failures had surpassed my list of successes. I had become a recluse and solitude was the company I chose. The thought of […]