Temple of Preah Vihear: Sacred amidst Tensions


When I found out that it was possible (albeit near-impossibility at that time) to visit this sacred temple on a day trip from Siem Reap in 2012, I immediately grabbed the opportunity to see it while it was then — once again — enjoying a short “time of peace”. For a very long time in […]

His Cambodian Smile


His Cambodian smile His smile is more animated at night, caught in a flickering firelight he tells ever more tales of old, stories of his life and of his dreams and you cannot help but fall in love with his country, his life and his dreams. To him, Cambodia is a land fighting still- fighting […]

The Screaming Monkeys of Cambodia


The Screaming Monkeys of Cambodia The temple is a tiny thing, made of stone and wood, but as I stand in front of the doors shifting my backpack it seems as if the tiny building is much bigger than it does to the naked eye. My glasses have fogged up– the Cambodian heat and humidity, […]

Heaven and Hell in a Day in Cambodia


As kids – Vietnamese refugees in Connecticut – our parents warned us not to get too tan: “You’ll be dark like a Cambodian,” they’d sigh after we had baked outside all day. So when, decades later, I swerved into Cambodia from my Vietnam-to-Thailand path, I didn’t expect much. I wasn’t a backpacker who considered himself […]

The city in Cambodia that Invades the Soul


It has been six months since I visited Phnom Penh, the capital of a country settled within my soul, the trip being the direct result of me uncovering its horrific recent history. As I read about Cambodia, I discovered how much I was unaware of and the depths of emotion one can be capable of, […]

Huffington Post Travel: Traveling in Sin

huff post TIS halle

As seen on Huffington Post Travel: A Review of Traveling in Sin: I love reading travel books; memoirs are enjoyable and well-written accounts make me feel like I’m truly present in another part of the world. For this reason I was looking forward to reading Traveling In Sin, a memoir about an adventurous couple from the […]

Cambodia’s Temples Captured in Time


Cambodia’s temples captured in time and engulfed by nature Stepping amongst the rubble of the blackened stone structure, choked by creeping vines, it is hard not to sense the magic that clings heavy in the humid air. A secret garden of overgrown trees that hide mystical treasures of carved stone, secret paths and opening canopies. […]

Koh Rong, Cambodia: One Among the Stars


I have been to a place where the sky is in the water and the stars swarm around me. It is Koh Rong off the coast of Cambodia and it boasts a heaven like none I’ve ever visited. By day it is ordinary: azure sky, white sand, tilting palm trees, and transparent waters. The sunsets […]

Inspiration From Within


As a society, we are quick to share our positive experiences. Social media allows us to post updates immediately after a dream job offer, a proposal, or a trip to paradise. I believe the ease and accessibility of it all gives us a false perspective of our friends. I, like most, fall into the “comparison […]

Angkor Wat: A Journey of Life and Beauty


Walking through the Angkor Wat and experiencing its majestic nature felt like a lifelong ambition of mine had been completed. I arrived by tuk-tuk in the mid-day tropical sun, beating down upon me and the surrounding complex as if God himself relinquished all his power and energy to show me, in all its glory, the […]