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Silence of the Rivers, Allahabad, India


Silence of the Rivers……Allahabad The cool trickling sand between my toes, the muddy Ganges tentative steps towards the twirling frisky Yamuna, the orange-robed Sun take its evening dip in the serene, muddy waters of the Ganges, to disappear into the horizon. Scenes photocopied over time as I stood ankle deep at the confluence of the […]

1974 in Nepal


I spoke to my father above the roar of the Kathmandu streets, narrow and complex as veins. “There wasn’t a single car in Kathmandu when I was there,” he said, his voice light with disbelief. I told him about climbing to the top of one of the temples in Durbar Square, and a wiry boy […]

Thailand: What Freedom Means in Solo Travel


There are million ways to give a present to yourself after you graduate: shopping for anything you want, throwing a party, or travelling. I choose travelling. And since there are too many arrangements to make a group of best friends travelling together, I decide to travel alone. The idea of a solo travel sounds liberating […]

Himalayan Footprints in Nepal


Himalayan Footprints in Nepal It’s not often you find yourself voluntarily blinking to assure yourself that what you’re looking at is undoubtedly real. I can hear my eyes whisper, “I’m going to need some further substantial evidence to prove that this vista is genuine”. Nervously, I continued to survey the horizon, almost scared of the […]

Chasing the Sunset in India


“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high…” – Opening line of the famous Poem ‘Where the mind is without fear’ by Nobel Laureate Shri Rabindranath Tagore. Since, the subject to highlight here is “A Place That Allows You to Feel Free”, I have to say that it is slightly difficult for […]

Vrindavan: Home Is Where The Heart Is


Vrindavan: Home Is Where The Heart Is ‘An Ordinary soul merely dreams but an extraordinary soul rebels to make dream come true’. It is no quote but reflects my own philosophy. Who says life is unfair? Destiny bestows opportunity to everyone. Few grab it & transform their lives. Few just ignore it. How Longing Begins […]

Pandora the Explorer


Pandora The Explorer It was the end of March and I decided to walk at the dark sides of a busy city and some strange thing happened to me. Let me tell you the experiences I had while having a walk at a memorable place of the city. Walking alone at a place where a […]

An Act of Mindfulness in Koya-San


I was jolted out of sleep by a panicked feeling, fearful that I had overslept and blinded by the morning brightness that had infiltrated the room through the thin screen doors. The space heater had automatically turned off in the middle of the night and the mountain chill permeated the room. I pulled my blankets […]

Above the Big Blue


What pops into your mind when you hear the word ‘blue’? To me, it is always the ocean. I love the ocean and somehow, a few weeks ago, I found myself standing above it. The big endless blue ocean was nothing like what I have ever seen before. It was majestic and it had a […]

Find Freedom! Tell Your Story

Where do you find FREEDOM? Share your story in the WSGT Independence Travel Writing Contest Thank you to the winners and all the participants in the Inspiration Travel Writing Contest. Thank you for reading, commenting and being in our community! I hope you will be inspired to join in our Summer 2014 Independence Writing Contest! The entries so […]