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A Final Goodbye in Thailand


A Final Goodbye in Thailand Forks were a luxury in a place without toilets or running water. When your daily existence depends upon the secrecy of your location, survival itself takes precedence over dirty hands. I’d been living in Mae Hong Son province for three months, used to scooping up rice with a bare hand […]

Seeking Peace in Thailand


Seeking Peace “We seek peace, knowing that peace is the climate of freedom.” Dwight D Eisenhower The water slapped against the side of my kayak as a wave rolled in from the wake of yet another speedboat carrying tourists to and from Loh Dalum Bay. I paused to redirect the kayak, cutting through the disturbances […]

India in a wheelchair


India was always somewhere that I want to visit but being in a wheelchair I didn’t think it was going to be possible. However I met someone who regularly works in India and together we formed a plan. We had two weeks to explore as much of Rajasthan as possible with a little diversion Utter […]

Familiar Pain in Thailand


The buzzing of vibrating metal needles characterizes the sound of a tattoo parlor. The noise is frightening, exciting, nerve-racking, and chilling, like the cold leather benches in tattoo shops that refuse to warm and comfort the body. A tattoo would not be what it is if it felt comfortable, yet comfortable was how I felt […]

Cruising On My Couch in the Philippines


I feel free when I am on that brink between exhilaration and contentment. I feel joy when I walk that less than an inch slippery rope under the sheeting rain. I feel excitement when I climb that blue roped wall with splinters cutting through my skin. I feel elated when I am up on air, […]

Where Nature Exhibits Excellence!


It was mid-noon. We were following Alakananda upstream through a bare stony trajectory; a six kilometers trek to Vasudhara falls. Clouds were protecting us from sun. Small grass flowers were greeting with smile. No other tourist to accompany, till we were enjoying our walk. The environment was calm, cool and dry. No greenery was there […]

Simplicity Is an act of Bravery in the Philippines


Simplicity Is an act of Bravery in the Philippines I’m the kind of person who gets conscious a lot and the one that hide herself on the background by wearing or doing something that no one else would notice. At first I thought I would just send my picture wherein I stood on the edge […]

Independence in India: “The Unshackled Soul”


Independence in India: “The Unshackled Soul” God created this Cosmos with one prominent thing in mind, “UNIQUE”. When I say unique, it translates straight into the exclusivity of each living matter. And in nexus to that, the state of feeling free rather than just being free explains our distinct ways of experiencing Independence. The reason […]

The Party in Hong Kong


The Party in Hong Kong Beep beep beep beep beep! The MTR gates shut behind me; my inhibitions waving goodbye from the window of the zooming train. I make my way through the blur of multicolored faces, escalator after escalator, in a concrete underground maze. When I finally reached ground level, the familiar sight of […]

PRAYER: My Safe Haven in the Philippines


Take freedom away from an individual and everything else is priceless. Indeed, freedom comes with no price yet with high value. History tells us that millions of lives have been sacrificed for freedom’s sake. Take the Philippines’ struggle against the Spaniards for an example. My forefathers, our then heroes, have fought for independence up until […]