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My tryst with independence in India


For as long as i can remember, I have been an independent soul. My father, a fiercely independent man himself, always tried to instill the sense of independence from when I was little. He would explain the small things in life that made us independent – read your own books – it’s the biggest joy […]

On Motorbikes and Saviors in Thailand


There are 762 curves on the highway between Chiang Mai and Pai, Thailand, according to the postcards and stickers plastering walls of tourist shops in the sleepy valley town. Minibuses service the area daily, but as every backpacker worth his baggy fisherman pants will tell you, the best way to enjoy these hills is on […]

Forgotten Thank Yous in India


When you are travelling to the North-East of India, you expect to be feasting your eyes on the snowcapped mountains, the sun rise and the greenery. You expect to wrap yourself in a stole while drinking that hot cup of coffee, bang in the middle of the month of June. You expect to visit all […]

From Relatives to Absolutes in India


From Relatives to Absolutes in India Let me get straight to the point: leaving one’s home is an absolutely essential element in order to ‘feel free’. Let me get straight to another point: the above sentence makes a presumption that you already have a home. The context of home, independence and freedom is not absolute, […]

Leaving The DPRK


“Independence: A place that allows you to feel free” Leaving The DPRK We don’t often associate freedom with China; an authoritarian one party state which heavily censors the internet and the press, and highly restricts civil liberties.  China is not a very free country. Yet for me, arriving there in mid-February of 2014, it was […]

A Final Goodbye in Thailand


A Final Goodbye in Thailand Forks were a luxury in a place without toilets or running water. When your daily existence depends upon the secrecy of your location, survival itself takes precedence over dirty hands. I’d been living in Mae Hong Son province for three months, used to scooping up rice with a bare hand […]

Seeking Peace in Thailand


Seeking Peace “We seek peace, knowing that peace is the climate of freedom.” Dwight D Eisenhower The water slapped against the side of my kayak as a wave rolled in from the wake of yet another speedboat carrying tourists to and from Loh Dalum Bay. I paused to redirect the kayak, cutting through the disturbances […]

India in a wheelchair


India was always somewhere that I want to visit but being in a wheelchair I didn’t think it was going to be possible. However I met someone who regularly works in India and together we formed a plan. We had two weeks to explore as much of Rajasthan as possible with a little diversion Utter […]

Familiar Pain in Thailand


The buzzing of vibrating metal needles characterizes the sound of a tattoo parlor. The noise is frightening, exciting, nerve-racking, and chilling, like the cold leather benches in tattoo shops that refuse to warm and comfort the body. A tattoo would not be what it is if it felt comfortable, yet comfortable was how I felt […]

Cruising On My Couch in the Philippines


I feel free when I am on that brink between exhilaration and contentment. I feel joy when I walk that less than an inch slippery rope under the sheeting rain. I feel excitement when I climb that blue roped wall with splinters cutting through my skin. I feel elated when I am up on air, […]