A walk to Lot’s Wife Ponds in the Atlantic Ocean.


A walk to Lot’s Wife Ponds The looming parasitic volcanoes of Lot and Lot’s Wife dominate the views. These natural monuments tower out of Sandy Bay National Park on St Helena Island. St Helena was forged out of the igneous factories of the mid-Atlantic ridge some 14 million years ago. Since that time it has […]

Adventure time in Iceland.


I remember seeing a doco as a kid on the Aurora Borealis. I was mesmerised by the dancing rainbow of colours moving across the sky. ‘One day I’ll go there, I’ll see the Northern Lights,’ I told myself. Twenty-five years later I arrive in Iceland in the dark of night. On the ride from the […]

Snorkeling with Vikings in Iceland


The van from Reykjavik barrels through countryside best described as English moors meet the moon. Mossy volcanic rocks jut from the ground at one bend, yet around the next turn lie rolling green hills and snow-capped peaks. The sun is only just inching above the horizon, even though it’s past 10 a.m. So far I’ve […]

To Iceland, with Respect

Glacier iceland

And I have something to expiate; A pettiness. (D.H. Lawrence: Snake) Often what we regret is being small-minded – trying to show the other person that we are right, better or best. That simply doesn’t work in Iceland provided you look up from your own path at what is all around you. Iceland is one […]

Arctic: Moving Mysteriously in the North West Passage


The Northwest Passage is located in the High Arctic that which spans across the entire North American Continent from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. The passage itself comprises of an intricate string of water channels that are mostly frozen solid allowing only the largest icebreakers possible access. However, during the brief Summer, the ice […]

Iceland: Alone in the Lava


I recently took a trip to Iceland – my first to that country. It was also my first solo traveling venture, as all my previous trips had me visiting friends. I was alone in a foreign country; and with that came all the liberation and all the fear of being totally on my own. The […]

Bermuda: Same Ocean, Different Shore


Bermuda: Same Ocean, Different Shore             Cruising down the wrong side of a foreign road, I searched for any indication of an approaching shoreline. Having spent the last three days peering over the top deck of a cruise ship, watching the massive boat slice through the Atlantic Ocean, I was eager to finally plunge into […]

Social sharing: How Facebook got me travelling


Social sharing: How Facebook got me travelling First it was the advent of the internet and then it was the sudden explosion of social media that made the world in which we live a much smaller place. On the whole, it’s technology that’s enhanced all of our lives – as well as inspiring me to […]

Iceland: A Trip to the Moon

iceland 5

“It’s like we’re driving to the moon.” Despite their utter impossibility, my partner’s words almost seemed true. As I looked out the window of our rental car at the vast expanse of dark lava-encrusted valley stretching out around us, I felt the weightlessness of space around me. I had never seen earth like this before. […]

Iceland: Transcendentalist 101

Lake and Rock Formations

Iceland is one of those places where it is hard not to come over all transcendentalist. You have an inspirational landscape like nothing on this earth; from remote farmhouses set in lupine fields, to volcanic craters, glaciers, ice-blue hotsprings, black beaches and sand deserts, and to a decidedly urban bustle in Reykjavik, all rubbing along […]